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Throughout the channel, the English floor is no longer popular

Throughout the channel, the English floor is no longer popular

London Cemetery, in an invisible place, is in a secret corner. This spring, wild orchids are grown there. “But I will never reveal the place”Sebastian Dunnett, who is in charge of the environment at Hammersmith and Fulham, promises. City From the west of the British capital. Precious flowers crowned the strategy followed by Mr. Dunnett. In May, under his leadership, Town Hall cut off none of its parks and public spaces, representing 17% of the municipality. Gradually, the herbs grew, and the wildflowers and biodiversity buried in the ground finally had a chance to express itself.

With the Movers refusing to take over, Hammersmith and Fulham Town Hall joined this year “No Mow May(“No cutting in May”), A great initiative started by the Plant Biology Association three years ago. More than 30 municipalities, 10% of the country’s total, participated this year. Several thousand Britons have done this in their own backyards.

Wild grass is maintained

But we had to take precautionary measures. The Town Hall has established signs indicating that grass growth is voluntary, aimed at biodiversity and insect pollination. There is no question that gives the impression that the place was abandoned.

“If I had it, I would allow grass to grow everywhere” – Sebastian Dunnett, Ecologist at Hammersmith and Fulham

Police did not support the idea: it was easy to hide objects in tall grass, and they feared anti-social behavior. “As an environmental activist, for me, I would allow grass to grow everywhere, but it is obvious that green spaces have different uses. Explicit M. Dunnet. Now we allow grass to grow in low-use areas of parks, but also mow where people want to play picnic or soccer. “ Beyond May, the idea is not to ban cutting anyway, but to reduce the frequency. We do not laugh at its lawns in the United Kingdom, it wants to describe itself as “green and pleasant land”, even pushing it until playing tennis.

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The most beautiful gardener in the English suburbs has fierce and quiet competition. We look carefully at the wooded trees to see if the grass is really green on the other side. The symbols are subtle, as Kate Fox notes in her anthropology book Seeing English (Ed. Hodder & Stutton, 2005, not translated): “The gardens of the upper social classes seem more advanced and natural […]. Getting there can take a lot of effort and time […], But don’t look at it. ” Crazy weeds can only be tolerated if they are clearly volunteered.

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