June 25, 2024


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Tired of messing with turkey, Turkey wants to change its name to English

At the request of President Erdogan, the English name of the country may be changed from “Turkish” to “Turkish” in official contexts, which would be more in line with the original pronunciation and avoid confusion over the word “turkey”. ..

You will recover a little Turkey ? By messing with a turkey Christmas (Turkish In English), Turkey wants to change its name abroad, Daily reports Sabah. It will be called “Turkey” by President Erdogan in December, although officials have not yet approved it. United Nations (UN)

In Turkish, the country name is already pronounced “Turkish” (it is spelled “Turkish”), and the authorities want to generalize this usage. Many public administrations have already changed, and the country is in talksUN To get official approval for this change.

Guinea fowl and Muslim traders

Moreover, where does the confusion with turmoil come from, Asks the press Birkun? According to the diary, it may have gone back to a feathered guinea fowl that appeared in Africa, which resembles a turkey and was sold to English traders by Muslim traders.

At the time, Muslims in the West were often referred to as “Turks”, the bird being the “Turkish rooster” or Turkey rooster, Only then Turkey.The first English immigrants to the United States mistakenly thought that the turkeys found there were guinea fowl and began to designate them by the same name.

Moreover, other countries have already changed their names, the daily mentions, giving the example of present-day Iran known as “Persia” until 1935.

So Turkey’s new English name is very similar to historical reality and original pronunciation … but the taste is less.

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