June 22, 2024


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To combat inflation, two English YouTubers go shopping in Poland

To combat inflation, two English YouTubers go shopping in Poland

Caroline Baudry // Photo credit: YouTube channel “Josh & Archie” screenshot

Warned of purchasing power in the UK, they shopped in Poland. With inflation rising to 6.7% according to the Bank of England, two young British YouTubers have taken up the challenge. 1,600 km from London. If you check out further away, the cost of travel is less.

In the video, Josh and Archie
, with tousled blond hair, first went to a Lidl supermarket near London. The brand is only available in the UK and Poland. “Individual cakes, cookies, peanut butter. So we bought everything on the list established by the government and the price of these products is monitored to know its increase. It cost us 164 pounds and 47p,” says one of the content creators. Or a basket valued at 189.05 euros.

77 euros difference between English and Polish store

Then both get their hands on a cheap plane ticket, the equivalent of 15 euros round-trip with Ryanair, including luggage, to bring food. They land and take a bus to the Polish version of Lidl to buy 135 products on the government list.

“It looks like it's in England. Pork chops, lumps… time to check our basket after buying the same basket. 67 pounds and 72 pence cheaper in Poland”, the two shout at the shelves. Polish supermarket.

The bill is marked up by a difference of 77 euros between an English and a Polish shop. One night in a hotel, the two boys return to England. They triumphantly report that they made about 11 pounds or 12 euros in total activity.

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