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TOEIC or Cambridge: Which to Choose?

TOEIC or Cambridge: Which to Choose?

TOEIC or Cambridge? These 2 English tests are undoubtedly the most recognized internationally. But as you will discover in this article, although they are similar in structure and approach, there are many differences that set them apart.


TOEIC vs Cambridge: What are the differences?

What are the basic differences between TOEIC and Cambridge? Let’s do a check in!

TOEIC is a certificate recognized by institutions

The TOEIC Where English Test for International Communication A test measuring the level of English proficiency of professionals. This is the most important test in the market. It measures two skills: is asking And this ReadingAnd it only lasts for 2 hours.

It is important to note that the TOEIC test is open to everyone. The test is mainly focused on careers, and its main value is seen from the point of view of employers, especially in Europe and Asia. There are more and more organizations around the world that recognize the TOEIC test. These companies see a good TOEIC result on your CV as a real asset. If your TOEIC result is good enough, you will see a significant increase in your chances of advancement within your company.

The TOEIC score 10 to 990 and the result is valid for two years. A score of 750 or above at the professional level is considered a “qualified TOEIC”.

At digiSchool, we developed an app and website in collaboration with ETS Global. Prepare properly for the TOEIC test. At stake? Several tools (quiz, Course Papers, Mock examsetc) allows you to practice before the exam!

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Good to know: In addition, when you register for TOEIC, you can get an advantage Single priority rate A €129 value!

Cambridge, a long degree

Assessments Cambridge It is run by cambrigeenglish.org and covers five levels determined according to the CEFR. You can choose from tests at level A2 (beginner), B1, B2, C1 or C2 (bilingual). The duration of the exam ranges from two to four hours depending on the level. While the TOEIC focuses only on comprehension, the Cambridge exams measure four skills involved in mastering a language: written and oral comprehension, and written and oral expression. Additionally, there are significant differences in the length of validity of diplomas.

In fact, the TOEIC is only valid for two years, while the Cambridge certificate is a lifetime certificate, a great asset and a considerable value. Unlike the TOEIC, the Cambridge content targets a flexible mix of general English and business English. The marks for the exam are also weighted to calculate the difficulty depending on the exam. In fact, each exam requires a minimum score. Without this score, your exam will be cancelled.

Cambridge Preparatory Exams

First, A2 test or Main English Test. The exam lasts about 2 hours and includes three core tests for so-called “false beginners” students. 120 to 150 marks are carried in this exam. 140-150 marks correspond to B1 level. Also, a score between 100 and 120 corresponds Level under the CEFR system (A1), i.e. for infinite selection.

Then there is the B1 test or the initial English test. This Written Comprehension test targets candidates with an intermediate level of English. It should be completed in a maximum of 2 hours 20 minutes and includes three core exams. This score is between 140 and 170. A higher score between 160 and 170 corresponds to a higher level, ie level B2 of the CEFR system.

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Internationally recognized tests

B2 or First Certificate in English Examination is aimed at candidates with a strong command of English at intermediate level or above. They should be very comfortable with English in many professional and general situations. This qualification is very widespread and popular in the UK. The result of this test is between 160 and 190. A higher score corresponds to a higher level, i.e. level C1 on the CEFR scale.

The C1 Advanced exam or Certificate in Advanced English is designed to assess those with a good level of general and professional English. In addition, it is recognized by nearly 6,000 academic and professional bodies internationally. The four-hour exam consists of four main tests.

During these, you have to take an oral test with other candidates like you and demonstrate your ability orally. You can write texts and understand different types of sources in English.

Applicants with exceptional English skills, either in general English or business English, must demonstrate a near-bilingual level in the C2 or passing certification exam.

Also, it is considered to be the most difficult English test at present. It is accepted by 100% Anglo-Saxon universities and many prestigious institutions worldwide. Students are given an interview and an exam, each lasting four hours. It includes four tests including writing different texts from reviews to essays or all types of English, oral or written comprehension. Result 200 to 230.

How does it work administratively?

Please note that if you choose to take the TOEIC, you will have the option to take the test remotely or on paper at an authorized center. If the latter is your choice, you must first register at the test site, where you can choose your test date and location in one of the different centers in France.

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For Cambridge exams, there are currently 44 recognized centers in France. You can find the list of these centers on the official website and you can directly register at the center of your choice.

The TOEIC test is officially scored after 15 days. Cambridge exam papers (which include examiners) take the longest to score: they take six weeks.