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Top 10 college football predictions against spread week 7

Top 10 college football predictions against spread week 7

Top 10 predictions for Super Saturday college football. What games seem to be the best bets and top picks for Week 7 games?

Top 10 college football predictions: Week 7

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Results so far: 41-29-1

What did you show us?

We’re in the middle of the season and we now have enough sample size to get a good feel for how good and bad these teams are.

This week I’m staying away from games that don’t feel right and I’ll continue what we know. Oh no, trap games. You don’t fool me like you did with Oklahoma getting a lot of points last week.

I would love to go with Bama. Choose against Tide ATS when everyone else assumes a corner kick – like last week against Texas A&M – and go with them when the world wonders about greatness. However, I’m not 100% sure that Tennessee can’t quite implement this. I stay away.

I know what Clemson is, and I’d love to give it only 3.5 for Florida, but something just isn’t looking right. FSU may have the right mix at home.

With that in mind, it’s all about what we’ve been able to see, what we know, and what – mostly – we can prove.

In other words, it’s time to go with the annual bit.

you are a good person. You pay your taxes, keep the toilet seat down, and tip generously. You do things the right way, which is why these 10 choices are worth it.

If they don’t work, it’s not our fault. Any wrong call here means something Matrix malfunction – like Nevada – Colorado last week; More on that later – so, we start by picking the only total points for the week…

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Click on each game to preview

10. Arizona in Washington

total point 73
pick or pick under

I don’t have to tell you now what to do with a score of around 35, a spread of 50 or more, or a scoreline during the seventies.

I will keep repeating, it is really, really, truly It’s hard for two teams to get past 70. One team can be crazy, there can be too many turnovers, a quarterback can get a cold, whatever.

The advice is to always take the under, enjoy the game, and if you go over it pay to enjoy the fun penalty shootout.

Start with this – Washington is back home. Just assume the team will find some semblance of D again after a disastrous two-game road trip to UCLA and Arizona State. It’s very doubtful she’ll give up 40 to Wildcats.

Arizona only shook when sales were pouring in — three against Mississippi, Cal and Oregon — but Washington D is a hit or miss on fast food. UW O should reach 40, D should give up 20, this should push to 70 and stop.

9. Auburn in Ole Miss

Line Ole Miss -15
Choose ATS Ole Miss

This spot just made a choice of Georgia ATS over Auburn last week, so I’m riding with it. Back with this week’s topic…

What do we know? Auburn could not score.

Not over 17 in over a month, she’s putting a lot of pressure on an otherwise solid defense, and things are starting to slide.

The Ole Miss offense may have struggled to keep Tulsa and Kentucky out, but the running game was great and the defense was surprisingly fine.

Given that Auburn’s running defense is teetering, and knowing that attack would have to go against type to get past 17, the Ole Miss should succeed by scoring 33 or more for the fourth time in five games.

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Again, going with what we know so far…

8. Cal in Colorado

Line Calories – 15
Choose ATS Cal

I know. I know. I’m with you. It’s intimidating to buy into Cal considering that he struggled against UNLV, was just brought down by Washington State 28-9, and has just one great performance in a 49-31 win over Arizona.

We’ll get through this together.

What did Colorado show you to suggest he could stay with anyone, let alone a decent team like Cal? Sure, he’s had two weeks to take a deep breath after coach Karl Durrell was fired, but Cal will be waiting for a goodbye, too.

First, the Buffs haven’t yet come close to 23 in any of their five games. Second, he’s dead in the nation at last stop third defeats, last dead against run, second worst team D-scorer. Third, it would take a number of trade-offs to make it happen, and Cale didn’t give up on anything. In the last three games he has only had two fouls all year.

Until that Colorado ATS train stops, we’ll stay.

Like Auburn and Colorado, there’s another team that showed you what it looks like…

7. Miami at Virginia Tech

Line Miami -7
Choose ATS Miami

Oh, I’m well aware of Miami’s potential for frustration, and I don’t blame you even a bit for either turning you away or going the other way here.

Over the past three weeks, the Hurricanes have developed a cruel habit of playing up or down their opponent and then managing to lose. There is one big reason behind the difference this time.

The biggest problem in Miami is the shifts, and Virginia Tech doesn’t take the ball too far.

At least the sticks were close. They couldn’t stop screwing up against Central Tennessee, and the O did well in the loss to North Carolina.

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Hokie’s defense has been pretty terrible over the last three games. The team didn’t cover 14.5 against Pete, rocked by 31 against North Carolina, and rolled by West Virginia.

Here’s the advice. Hold your nose, go with Miami, forget what you did, do something else on Saturday, and I hope there’s a nice surprise waiting for you when you get home.

6. Wisconsin in Michigan

Line Wisconsin -7.5
Choose ATS Wisconsin

There’s no reason to throw rallies for anyone who defeated Northwestern 42-7, but after the heavy loss to Illinois and a shootout from Bull Crest, Wisconsin may have figured it out a bit under Jim Leonard.

But this is more about Michigan.

Spartans can throw – always be wary of what decent passing games with talent can do against Wisconsin – but running defense was terrible Over the last three games against Minnesota, Maryland and Ohio. Washington didn’t work for MSU in part because Michael Benicks Jr. was too busy shooting for nearly 400 yards.

1) Think about liking the under 42, but I don’t just deal with it because I’m nervous that the Badgers might come close to hitting that themselves if everything goes off the rails. 2) Michigan State hasn’t come close to 14 against anyone in its last four games, and 3) it’s one of the worst teams in the country at acquisition time.

You can’t control the ball against Badgers, you’ll never see your O on the field.

warning. Out of one game, I’m going to make big cuts on the B side in these next picks, starting with…

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