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Torce-en-Vallée.  An English day at school

Torce-en-Vallée. An English day at school

do you speak english Yes.

To deepen their knowledge of the English language and culture, the children experience a full day in English, including a meal in the canteen with a very British menu.

Kindergarten included

English subjects are included in school curricula, even in nursery school.Director Sylvaine Bodereau notes. The day was hosted for the first time by Caitlin (USA), Gemma (Scotland), Leah (Ireland), Ansel (England) and Lazare (Kenya), Language Assistants of National Education. Each one has a different look, so the students were able to hear different accents.

Classes worked in advance to review some basic vocabulary and grammar. On the big day, many workshops were organized: board games, entertainment games, taste tests, story listening … A serious day for all.

These workshops are entirely in English, with instructions included. However, each time we checked that they were well integrated before starting the operation.Specifies the director.

“It's great, we've learned a lot”

It is very good and we have learned a lot. English and Americans don't necessarily use the same words to talk about the same things. For example, chips as we know them in France, which are chips to Americans and crisps to the British. Underlines Éthan, 9 years old.

The British don't eat like us. Some things are really not good…”, Wrinkling her nose, Eloise, 6 years old. Fish and chips are very good, but not tea or sweets… jelly bellies.” You should say: I don't like… I don't like…,” Gemma interjected, smiling.

At the end of the day, a flash mob brought the whole school together. As for the decoration with the little English flags, it was done by the after-school daycare kids.

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