July 14, 2024


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Town Hall provided French-English dictionaries to students entering college

Town Hall provided French-English dictionaries to students entering college

On Tuesday July 2, in the presence of Mayor Serge Reynaud, Bernadette González, Jean-Pierre Ducos and Daniel Menier, her representatives, Aurelie Dubois received CM2 students from the class…

On Tuesday July 2, Mayor Serge Reynaud, Bernadette Gonzalez, Jean-Pierre Ducos and Daniel Menier received CM2 students from Aurélie DuBoin’s class to hand out French/English dictionaries.e.

But before handing them the little book, he explained to the students that the town hall is “the home of the people and all citizens.” He asked some questions to check if the children knew the history of the institutions, the town hall, symbols and the meanings of the colors of the French flag. Their responses made the city councilor proud, who congratulated both the students and the teacher.

After talking about the storming of the Bastille and the Marseillaise, he invites the children around a beautifully decorated table filled with sweets, cakes and fruit juices.

Aurélie Dupouy explained about learning the English language, “We practice English for 20 minutes every day, and every morning they say in English whether they eat in the canteen or at home.” Noé affirms: “Every morning we say ‘hello good morning’. We learn English in the form of games and songs.

The town hall has been distributing a dictionary for over fifteen years, which has been replaced by a calculator. The practice was established under the command of Dominic Foy and has never disappeared. “We asked the teachers what they wanted for this transition to middle school,” recalls Bernadette Gonzalez.

The children, already receiving the cutest Christmas presents from the town hall, left the council chamber with big smiles and “Goodbye, Mr. Mayor!” » .

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