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Travel news: Europe’s hidden vacation spots and fall’s hottest destinations

Travel news: Europe’s hidden vacation spots and fall’s hottest destinations

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(CNN) – Shoulder season is approaching, when travel transitions from peak congestion and fares to something – hopefully – a little softer. Join us for our weekly travel news roundup plus tips on where to travel in late 2022.

Seasons in the sun

If you want to vacation like the Europeans do, skip the Riviera and the Amalfi Coast and check out a tour around the continent Less visited delights, such as the Portuguese Alentejo region and the Croatian Zadar archipelago. And if you save travel time until the summer rush is over, plan your trip now with our guide to Best places to go this fall. Cape Town and Buenos Aires are among the hottest tickets.

Taste the world

The best parts of traveling are sightseeing and eating – and street snacks allow you to enjoy both at the same time. Asia is the undisputed king of delicious and attractive street foods Hong Kong egg waffles Japanese takoyaki. Here’s our report on 50 yummy must-try pieces.
In Africa, Ghana-based Chef Fatmata Pinta serves up Fulani Bedouin food culture to people around the world through her roving makeshift restaurant, while her charitable foundation helps support rural women across West Africa. And down in Cape Town, a local cream company is experimenting with some rather bold flavors: Dare you try. Dried fish ice cream with scotch bonnet chili?
Turkey drinks more tea than any other country; Here’s what the new drinks are like stir things up. And if you’re looking for something a little stronger, North Carolina’s beer garden holds the world record for the most beer – Watch here. Finally, in Ukraine, a company sells wine salvaged from a warehouse that was hit by a Russian missile. See how the team is fighting back After losing $15 million.

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Trains and planes

Two pilots on an Ethiopian Airlines plane were reported to have fallen asleep and missed landing on a flight between Sudan and Ethiopia on August 15. Unable to reach the crew before it crosses the runway.
On August 23, passengers traveling from France to England were Stranded for hours In the undersea canal tunnel after the Eurotunnel train broke down. The 31.4-mile tunnel is one of the longest of its kind in the world.
In the happiest railway news, the The world’s first hydrogen-powered passenger train Entered service in Germany. Fourteen fuel cell-powered trains will operate exclusively on the eco-friendly route in Bremerförde, Lower Saxony.

Drought Discoveries

The harsh drought conditions around the world have had side effects as long-lost archaeological treasures are now being revealed.

Dozens of Nazi warships were also detected in eastern Serbia after the water level in the Danube fell. This is after Findings last week 19th century Welsh village and Spanish Stonehenge.

The most beautiful streets in the world

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Time Out has just released its annual list of the coolest city streets in the world where you’ll be sure to find a great taste. Canadian Road Famous for “Killer Cocktails” and “Best Sandwiches in Town” list this year. – Enter link –

In case you miss it yourself

Do you remember phone boxes and travel agencies and show up somewhere at an agreed time like we said?

Next month, it will be 21 years since the tiny Gander Airport in Newfoundland, Canada, housed 7,000 people on 9/11.

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The sad and eventful story of the world’s first floating hotel.

Personal Travel Items

Is there anything as elegant as a monogrammed piece of luggage? Our partners at CNN Underscored, a guide to product reviews and recommendations owned by CNN, have brought together 20 customizable travel accessories – From backpacks to packing cubes – for you to stamp your name.