April 18, 2024


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Trump News - Live: Ex-president hails Putin's 'genius' move in Ukraine as E Jean Carroll case continues

Trump news: CIA chief ‘stunned’ at ex-president’s praise of Putin amid Ukraine crisis

Ad trolling Trump about Jan 6 commission developments

Donald Trump’s former director of national intelligence has expressed his displeasure with the former president’s comments praising Vladimir Putin as he wages a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Talking to daily monsterDan Coats said he was “shocked” by Mr Trump’s comments. “I can’t think of any other American president saying what he said in a situation like this,” he told the site.

Twice in two days, the former president praised Putin as “smart” and blamed Joe Biden for what is happening. “he is [Mr Putin] Speaking to Fox News host Laura Ingraham, Mr. Trump said: “As an American, I’m angry about it and I’m sad about it. It all happened because of a rigged election.”

In another Wednesday night video circulating on social media, Mr. Trump can be heard saying: “Trump said Putin is smart. He took over a country for $2 in sanctions. I would say that is very smart.”

Meanwhile, a House committee investigating the handling of Trump administration records has asked the National Archives for more information about the documents the former president kept at Mar-a-Lago rather than archiving as required by law. In particular, the commission requested a summary of the classification status of documents after it became clear that the boxes may contain sensitive material.


VOTES: A pro-Trump talking point in Ukraine that should be avoided

write to independentJay Caruso deconstructs the “argument” about whether Vladimir Putin would invade Ukraine if Donald Trump were still president today — and points to the pernicious effect such arguments can have.

There is no rule that says Republicans and Democrats must stand behind the Biden administration and support any steps it wants to take in dealing with what could be Europe’s first ground war in decades. Congress has a role to play, and vigorous debate between members and the White House is essential to building consensus in the United States and in coordination with allies around the world.

However, if officials wanted to spend more time arguing about it on Twitter and expressing their opinions on who would have done what if X was in office instead of Y, the only person who wins is Vladimir Putin.


From CPAC: Trump’s ex-Secretary of State will not participate in Putin’s remarks

Mike Pompeo, who served as Secretary of State under Donald Trump, joined the former president recently in praising Vladimir Putin’s “savvy” behavior. Hunted by reporters at the CPAC conference in Florida, he declined to go into a question about his remarks being broadcast on Russian state television.

Andrew NottiFebruary 25 2022 17:45


Right-wing news network condemns Vladimir Putin

Newsmax, the pro-Trump network that often trades in conspiracy theories that flatter the former president, has vehemently opposed Russia’s invasion of Ukraine — putting it at odds with Fox News, and in particular Tucker Carlson, whom it specifically advocates in its letter.

Andrew NottiFebruary 25 2022 17:20


Dan Coats on Putin’s ‘amazing’ remarks to Trump

daily monster Trump’s friends and allies are reportedly asking him to stop praising Vladimir Putin. The president often boasts of how well he knows and supposedly understands the Russian president, but his relationship with his counterpart in the Kremlin has long been a source of concern in the intelligence community.

Andrew NottiFeb 25 2022 16:47


Hillary Clinton condemns Trump’s Putin comments

Talk to MSNBC morning atmosphere Hillary Clinton said today that the responsibility of “what is left of the Republican Party” is to call up those in its ranks who actively support the Russian president when he invades Ukraine.

Andrew NottiFebruary 25 2022 16:22


January 6 Riot Who Stole Pelosi’s Pulpit Sentenced To Jail

Adam Johnson of Florida, who appeared in an infamous photo of walking the Capitol with a pulpit from Nancy Pelosi’s office, was sentenced to 75 days in prison.

Mr. Johnson, who claimed that if he had found Nancy Pelosi in the Capitol he would have simply asked her for a selfie, failed to convince the judge that he had learned his lesson and that a poor image of him was punishment enough.

Andrew NottiFeb 25 2022 15:58


Pro-Trump senator complains about Supreme Court nominee

Lindsey Graham, a Republican senator from South Carolina and a member of the Judiciary Committee, is unhappy about Joe Biden’s nomination of Kitangi Brown-Jackson for his seat on the Supreme Court. Graham pushed for a candidate from his state, but he was unsuccessful in lobbying.

It should be noted that Mr. Graham had voted to confirm Mrs. Brown-Jackson when she was nominated to the Circuit Court.

Andrew NottiFebruary 25 2022 15:25


Letita James says she won’t back down from Trump investigation

New York’s attorney general, Letitia James, has reiterated that she intends to seek testimony from Donald Trump, his daughter Ivanka and son Donald Jr in an investigation into their family’s financial dealings. Trump is currently trying to appeal a judge’s decision ordering them to testify.

New York AG Responds to Trump’s Plans to Appeal Testimony Order

New York’s attorney general, Letitia James, said her office will continue to pursue its civil investigation into Donald Trump’s financial dealings with his family despite plans by the former president, his son Donald Jr. and daughter Ivanka, to resume orders to testify in the case.

Andrew NottiFeb 25 2022 14:54


ICYMI: Senior Republican Leaves Senate

Republican Senator James Einhove, a notorious climate change skeptic, is set to retire from the Senate at the age of 87. He was elected to his fifth term in 2020, but is expected to leave office in January.

Andrew NottiFeb 25 2022 14:43


CPAC: Trump rival DeSantis relegated to a lower rank

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is increasingly seen as the natural alternative to Donald Trump if he does not or cannot run for re-election in 2024 — and there is speculation that he might even run for the nomination anyway. This may explain why the organizers of the CPAC stood in front of a partially empty room before the event began in earnest, ensuring that his appearance did not receive the kind of enthusiastic reception that would upset the notorious Mr. Trump.

Here, Richard Hall deconstructs the rivalry between the two men, examining what future Mr. DeSantis might have at a party that still dominated the 45th president.

Andrew NottiFebruary 25 2022 14:17