May 22, 2024


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Twitch: Amorant is pushing players to learn English in 15 minutes, and here’s why!

Twitch: Amorant is pushing players to learn English in 15 minutes, and here’s why!

Amurand, a streamer and now a gamer in his spare time, is the talk of the internet. Between her hot tub streams or her fan base, we didn’t think she’d ever venture into the world of gaming…yet. In early January, just two months after Microsoft acquired the company, Activision invested $2 million in Blizzard. Recently, he expressed his desire to own his own Fortnite skin.

But he only touched the gaming keyboard a few times live on Twitch. She discovered a new passion: Valiant. A hobby that drives some fans crazy, sometimes willing to do anything to find themselves in front of their favorite influencers.

Players learn to speak English to play with Amaranth

You read that right. Some non-English speaking players learned to speak English in just 15 minutes to chat with the streamer in the game, teaching her the basics of virtual combat. Hasan AbiOne of the biggest streamers in the world streamed one of Amarant’s learning sessions, And the effect is hilarious.

Turkish players/streamers who learned English in 15 minutes are trying to teach her to play somehow. Being of Turkish descent, the streamer was able to understand what was going on there. So we apologize to the opposing team when we dare to remove the streamer, but we also hear complaints from Amurand’s Valorant sensei. A bit pessimistic about his position…starter.

“What are we teaching him here? We’re teaching him to walk!”

A bit of context…

In Turkey, amaranth means very, very, very much (very) popular. Her community in the country is very active and always seems to follow her in her various projects. That’s why when he announced his debut in Valorant, many non-bilingual Turkish players/streamers jumped into their English dictionary to learn as many words as possible to better support the streamer.

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Amurand knows he can count on his community, and he’s in good shape right now. Who knows, maybe in the future, the streamer will set his sights on other video game productions? All this to become a true pro in the field for a day.


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