February 23, 2024


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Two English YouTubers fly to Poland and pay less than they would at home

Two English YouTubers fly to Poland and pay less than they would at home

These two English YouTubers wanted to send a message about inflation currently affecting the United Kingdom. So, they wanted to prove that by flying to Poland to do their shopping, it would be cheaper than going to the local supermarket.

Inflation is hitting Britons hard across the Channel and food prices are hitting new highs. To raise awareness about this price hike, two English YouTubers came up with an idea.

They decided to go to Poland to go shopping and prove that the total cost of the trip (shopping + plane tickets + accommodation) would be less than what they would have paid if they had bought it at a local supermarket. Dispatch.

“This is not a suggestion for how people can save money,” the two YouTubers explain Dailymail. But the approach aims to highlight the absurd situation we find ourselves in in the evolution of inflation.”

Winning bet

In a video posted on YouTube on Wednesday, November 1, we can see Josh & Archie, with 1.5 million subscribers to their channel, check out at a Little store in south London, Clapham to be exact. After buying the 135 items in the average basket established by the government, the declared price on the receipt is 164.47 pounds sterling or 188.77 euros.

For the same shopping list, both YouTubers spent just £96.75 (€111.05) in Poznan, Poland. Including the cost of Ryanair flight tickets (£47, one of which includes luggage on return), but also the cost of a night’s stay via Couchsurfing (£8.55), Josh & Archie managed to save £11.14. The end of their journey.

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