May 18, 2024


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UECL – 1/4: LOSC – English supporters unanimously welcome Lille atmosphere during Aston Villa

UECL – 1/4: LOSC – English supporters unanimously welcome Lille atmosphere during Aston Villa

More than 2,300 English supporters were inside the decathlon arena – Stade Pierre Mauroi. They were very much in front of their small screen and inspired by the atmosphere of the LOSC supporters.

This Thursday, LOSC players and Aston Villa players meet in the green rectangle for a quarter-final return in the Europa Conference League. If they put on a show on the pitch, Lily also set fire to their enclosure bays throughout the match. British supporters, who were the most numerous on the Lille side, were the first to appreciate the merits of the northern atmosphere: “One thing to say about Lille this evening is the atmosphere. We've never seen such an exciting pitch in a whole match in the Premier League. Their fans were fantastic.”Says Stephen, a great lover of villains. “Looking at Lille, they were there to motivate their team until the last minute and thank them after a heartbreaking defeat. At Villa Park, it would have already been an exit.”, an English fan, responded when endorsements and similar comments abounded on social networks. Below is a small collection for you…

Reactions of English supporters on social networks

“I agree 100%. To be honest, the Lille fans were great at home and away and throughout the matches. They did a great job. »

“The atmosphere created by the Lille supporters puts Villa Park to shame. »

“Last week I was worried, and I was right. The Lille supporters made the game very difficult. They are brilliant supporters. The pressure and heat of this atmosphere played a big role. I'm glad we got through it. »

“Great respect to the Lille supporters, the atmosphere at home was unreal. »

“What an atmosphere in Lille, I can feel it through my television! »

“The noise in Lille reaches the villa, the atmosphere is completely deafening. »