June 18, 2024


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'Uncharted' $23 Million in Second Weekend Before 'Batman' Begins - Deadline

‘Uncharted’ $23 Million in Second Weekend Before ‘Batman’ Begins – Deadline

Saturday morning: Before the big support column enters the market, there is usually a lull at the box office. But the quiet is greatest when the major studios don’t have any new, expansive inputs. Everyone is waiting for Warner Bros. Batman Next weekend, and several sources tell me it’s easily tied for a $100M+ opening, in fact $115M+, advance ticket sales are there to prove it.

That’s despite a 3 hour runtime, and what I’ve heard (haven’t seen yet) is more of a detective story by director Matt Reeves than an earlier Christopher Nolan story. The Dark Knight Action packed movies. iSpot shows that Warner Bros. It has already spent $28 million in US TV advertising (that’s even a huge POV figure for that data agency) across programs like the Winter Olympics, the NFL, good morning america, NBA and . games Big Brother: Celebrity Edition.

Note, Warners is unaffected by these industry expectations at the time of writing. But also note, that they will flop safely. However, no one sees it under $100 million.

Warner Bros.

Until then, Sony’s Tom Holland-Mark Wahlberg movie, UnknownAnd the Keeps a big comment for the second weekend with 23 million dollars, -48%, after second Friday with $6 million, -61% from last Friday and previews. By Sunday, the movie directed by Robin Fleischer appears to be in Sony’s PlayStation video game $83.1 million.

United Artists Releasing / MGM’s second weekend at Channing Tatum’s dog He also has a good hold rate, at -43%, with a second weekend of $8.5 millionand ten days by Sunday from $29.2 million.

So if everything is going well, why is the weekend box office still bad, with a weekend expected? $58.8 million For all the movies? This weekend alone is -38% of last weekend.

Eighth Weekend of the Year in Pre-Pandemic 2020, Post-Presidents Day Weekend Reached $102.6M per Box Office Mojo (led by the second weekend of sonic the hedgehog at $26.1 million), while the weekend at the same time in 2019 attracted $128 million, led by How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World with $55 million for the first time).

Once again, we need more major studio-backed products, and more meat to bridge the gap between action films and the niche box office. The broad release of Dave Grohl’s horror comedy this weekend studio 666 From Open Road Films in 2,306 theaters you won’t cut it, with appreciation $1.8 million after 725,000 dollars Friday. Unfortunately, a niche movie like this doesn’t have much of a studio outlay. At this time two years ago, Disney had a high-end family movie produced by 20th Century Studios the call of the wild Further boosting the box office opened with $24.7 million, although this title was a hollow victory, given its $135 million production cost.

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studio 666 56% of critics were not spoiled, the audience had a positive 70% and a recommendation of 49%. The numbers speak for themselves. 56% of men bought tickets, just over half of the crowd was 25-44, 72% were between 18-44 and the various demos were 71% Caucasian, 17% Latino and Hispanic, 3% Black and 10% Asian/others. Pic did 47% of its business on the coasts versus an average of 40%. I’ve heard that the majority of runs haven’t done much work.

AMC Woodland Hills and Regal Sherman Oaks saw earnings surge with personal appearances by Foo Fighters and manager BJ McDonnell. They have landed among the top theaters along with AMC Burbank, AMC Century City, AMC Alderwood – Seattle, AMC Westminster – Denver and Marcus Ronnie’s 20 Cinema, St. Louis; Regal Opry Mills Stadium 20, Nashville; AMC Empire 25, NYC and AMC River East, Chicago.

Social media analytics firm RelishMix has monitored 97.9 million social media users for studio 666 “In line with horror genre standards” and backed by Foo Fighters’ SMU of 22.6 million on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, which “has done the heavy lifting for all videos, as well as the band’s social networking at 4.1 million.” studio 666 The videos were entered into The Foo Fighters YouTube channel with 3.3 million subscribers and promoted well, as well as Sony UK in the international mix. “The repost is moderate but aggregates across movie channels and fan channels with a total of 27.2 million views for six owned posts including additional videos earned – 1.1 million video views on Instagram and 123k on TikTok.”

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Before opening, RelishMix says, “A conversation to studio 666 It ran on a mixed positive, with Foo Fighters fans gearing up for a fun demo movie event, with some wondering if this was the shoot. Spinal tap-Parody style, Tenacious D movie, or parody of band movies like hard day night And the help, With Dave Grohl inspiring the Beatles universe. Additionally, there was discussion about the film industry’s level of commitment to crafting a career story with band members and entertaining stars such as Lionel Richie and Whitney Cummings as a neighbor.”

Richie veil:


UAR finally released the original musical feature, cyranoAnd the Who is Joe Wright looking? $1.25 million Ranked 10th out of 797 theaters in 160 markets. UAR sought to protect this movie, and waited for the right time to release, given the idea of ​​older audiences heading to the movies during omicron.

In general, the niche market still faces significant challenges. All of this gives you an idea of ​​the ground we need to make up with the niche audience: Wright I’m Karenina During the 3-day portion of Thanksgiving weekend in 2012, he grossed $896,000 across 66 theaters, while penance In its second weekend on 117 theaters in early December 2007, it grossed $1.8 million. cyrano It has a certified new 86% on Rotten Tomatoes, with the RT audience that saw it giving it an 86% rating. UAR has seen the best markets from New York, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Phoenix, DC, San Diego, Dallas, Seattle, Austin, Sacramento, and more.

Additionally, the film did not take off at the Academy Awards, with only one nomination for Best Costume Design. That’s not to say UAR didn’t campaign extensively for this, as the film premiered so early during awards season with its world premiere at Telluride. Even this weekend, you can’t get stuck in a website or social media feed where there is no file cyrano ads.

Star Haley Bennett defended the movie extensively on her social media, long before its release during the fourth quarter of last year. Among the more than 25 million social media views pulled across YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter views, RelishMix notes star Peter Dinklage at 4.6 million and Bennett at 365K “leading cyrano Train.” Bennett and Dinklage starred in Goodspeed’s Musical Workshop in Connecticut, the former being a catalyst for connecting Wright to live. The production was filmed during the fall of 2020 during Covid in Sicily.

The Godfather
Everett Group

1997 re-release of Francis Ford Coppola’s 1972 films, The GodfatherAnd the It made $1.2M in its full limited total and this weekend at 156 times in 46 markets, the 50th anniversary cut is on track to turn a profit $815,000 For an average theater of $5,2K after a 425,000 dollars Friday, which is good. Some competing distributors believe the film could earn $1 million over the weekend after strong numbers in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Orlando, San Diego, Nashville and Las Vegas. Box Office Mojo has a lifetime GDP of The Godfather Priced at 134.96 million dollars, and this weekend it will reach $135.8 million.

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1.) Unknown (Sony) 4,275 theaters, Friday 6 million dollars (-61%) / 3 days 23 million dollars (-48%) / total $83.1 million/ week 2

2.) dog (UAR) 3827 (+150) Theatres, Friday $2.4 million (-51%) / 3 days $8.4 million (-43%) / total $28.2 million/ week 2

3.) Spider-Man: There is no room for home (Sony) 3,002 (+46) Theaters, Friday 1.3 million dollars (-24%) / 3 days 5.1 million dollars (-31%) / Total $779.2 million/ week 11

4.) Death on the Nile (Dis) 3,420 (+140) theaters, Friday $1.2 million (-32%) 3 days $4.1 million (-36%) / total $32.4 million/ week 3

5.) ass forever(nominal) 2,913 theaters (-158)Friday, $870,000 (-41%) /$2.96 million for 3 days (-43%) / Total: $51.8 million/ week 4

6.) studio 666 (or) 2,306 theaters, Friday 725,000 dollars3 day $1.8 million/ week 1

7.) marry me (University) 3110 (-533), Friday 520 thousand dollars (-52%) / 3 days $1.68 million (-55%) / total 20 million dollars/ week 3

8.) sing 2 (UNI/IL) 2382 (-94) theaters, Friday 410 thousand dollars (-32%) / 3 days 1.53 million dollars (-46%) / Total: $150.6 million/ week 10

9.) cyrano (UAR) 797 Friday Theaters $473/3 day $1.25 million/ week 1

10.) Scream (nominal) 1,566 (-341) Friday theaters $340,000 (-34%) / 3 days $1.23 million (-37%) /Total: $79.1 million/ week 7