April 14, 2024


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unusual.  What is this red English bus crossing Normandy?

unusual. What is this red English bus crossing Normandy?

On the English bus, the University of Caen travels to several cities in Normandy from February 1 to 10, 2024 to deliver its professional training offer. Whether they are high school students, students, employees, job seekers or business people, everyone is welcome.

Kayden is 16 years old. He is in his final year and lives in Prêtreville, a few kilometers from Lisieux (Calvados). This Friday morning, February 2nd, he passes through the Place Mitterrand and meets an English bus. Obviously, this appeals to him. He pauses to learn more: “It's true that it's interesting, I learned that it's the initiative of the University of Cane to provide training, it's great!”

In fact, the red double-decker vehicle that dates back to 1975 was erected by the University of Caen-Normandie: “It sure doesn't leave one indifferent, that was the goal! It's a nod to the history of the university. In fact, Caen is an old English university, after the third British university in the 15th century. Oxford and Cambridge”, says Romuald Duffy, work-study coordinator at Cane University.

The vehicle travels throughout the region and in particular to several towns in the former Lower Normandy to promote professional training. Arthur attends high school in Lisieux, and he is aware of the event announced by his company: “I want to go to Cane University after my bachelor's degree, and I came to learn more about work-study training, and this is the opportunity.”

Through this activity, representatives of the university were present More than 80 diplomas are open to work-study programs” Available at 11 campuses in the region: “Many people don't necessarily know this, but the university offers a limited number of work-study training courses under training contracts or professional training contracts, including 200 continuing training courses in, for example, health sectors”, explains Romuald Dufy. This is an original way to meet young people living in rural areas: “We can present them with different possibilities that are open to them. They're not very close to Kane and it's important to go to them.”

They are also available to talk about continuing education for employees or job seekers: “There is a guidance and reintegration counselor in the system. The idea is to talk to a large audience, students and employees or those who are currently unemployed. He can give them answers and guide them. The list we provide”.

This system also applies to businesses. “They are essential. Without them, work-study programs cannot be offered to students. So to make them aware Club Phoenix, a network of partners at Caen Normandy University, sets up “bus'ness aperitifs” every lunchtime for companies to discuss recruiting and recruiting. Notify about alternative. This allows them to discuss professional training available to their staff.Romuald Dufy indicates.

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After passing through Aigle and Lisieux, the English bus will visit Caen, Cherbourg, Coutances, Saint-Lô, Avranches, Vire, Argentan and Alençon until February 10.