March 1, 2024


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Video – At the age of 24, Emma Navarro started her own method of learning English

Video – At the age of 24, Emma Navarro started her own method of learning English

Emma Navarro, still a student from Montpellier, decided to start her business in 2022: Polyglottis. Passionate about foreign languages, he developed a method to improve his English before traveling. A column in collaboration with Touléco Montpellier.

Learning languages ​​has been a passion since childhood for young entrepreneur Emma Navarro, who speaks four languages. “JI watched the serial on TV with songs in English and translated everything to understand the lyrics.” Now a student, she wanted to start her own business when she got her master’s degree from Montpellier School of Management. “I went to Argentina for my studies and noticed that we are not really ready to have conversations in everyday life.” He first decided to share his tips on social networks, and in January 2022 he launched his method for learning English: Polyglotis.

8 week program

Polyclastics is an eight-week program Students should improve in English.For those going abroad as part of studies, internships or simply to travel” The businessman explains. Every week, Emma sends videos on different themes and specialties: all exercises are done orally via WhatsApp. “The goal in the first week is to review the basics, then students will practice conversations about their career path, for example their passion.” Emma also offers another three-week program based on music on her website. Learn linguistic expressions with Adele, conditional with Beyonce, the goal is to improve your English while having fun.

programs that attract students, but Emma loves one thing above all else through her method, “Let’s stop saying the French are bad at English.”

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