March 2, 2024


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Video – English Teacher and… Wrestler: Romain's Astounding Double Life in Herald

Throughout the week, Marie-Sophie Lacareau's 1pm news will meet French people who lead double lives.
Today, head to Herald to follow Romain, English teacher by day and king of the wrestling ring by night.

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You probably wouldn't have guessed it. Behind Romain, the English teacher, hides a second identity: “Jeken”, a wrestler for fifteen years. He begins his double life every morning before dawn: hit the gym for muscle-strengthening work. At Herald, there is no practice ring. So Romain tries to recreate the acrobatic figures he performs while fighting in the machines. “There are some different profiles of wrestlers, I'm a technician, I'm not a physical phenomenon“, he explains

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Rigorous physical training is required because wrestling, beyond physical activity, a scene, choreography, everything has to be perfect. When it's time for the show, Romain Jaken needs only a few accessories to transform into a wrestler.

That evening, about twenty wrestlers compete, all playing a role that is sometimes far from their persona. Jaken's opponent is Kristoff, known as “The Gamerk Bull”. In real life, he works in insurance. When the fighting begins, so does the acting. Jagan is the villain of the story. It's hard to see the English teacher in him in the ring. Because in life, Romain, a corporate English coach for four years, is far less flamboyant than his wrestling prowess.

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