July 23, 2024


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Viewers take Pat Sajak to task for the incorrect answer

Viewers take Pat Sajak to task for the incorrect answer

eagle-Eared Viewers discovered a blatant rule violation on Tuesday Wheel of fortune He took to social media to call out the host To lose him.

It was all part of another night of fun, rule-breaking, and dancing game show contestants, and here’s a recap of all the big moments.

Wheel of fortune

The big moment in question that night came when contestant Nadine Sedro of Toms River, New Jersey, spun the wheel. The puzzle was a Wheel of fortune Crossword clue with ‘butter’ is the clue, and the words in the puzzle all come after butter in common compound words. This helped pave the way for…

Loser of the night: Al Qaeda followers.

When it came time for Cedro to solve the puzzle, Sajak reminded her of the rules one last time: “Say everything, add nothing.”

So I set off with “Fly, Fingers, Bean, Nuts” and got the victory. However, the puzzle on the board showed “Fly, Fingers, Bean, Nut”, with nut being singular and not plural as she said it.

It may seem simple, but Sajak often reminds people to read things exactly As they are on the board, which apparently was not the case here. Viewers who interacted with X, like one user, have noticed He repeated the moment three times Or the last one to say, Cedro.”Said the nuts countryman“.

Celebrity squares

VH1 Rolled Celebrity squares On Tuesday, a reboot of the classic Hollywood Squares The two contestants must agree or disagree with the answers given by the celebrities to questions about black pop culture read by the host, in this case, actor and comedian DC Young Flay. It was co-produced by funnyman Kevin Hart, who also serves as broadcaster.

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Contestant Herbie flies into the air after winning Celebrity squares. (VH1)

Just as the original version hosted by Peter Marshall had the feel of a freewheeling, often saucy cocktail party, Celebrity squares Featuring loud-mouthed satirists such as comedians Bea Simone and Avion Crockett, actors Alisha Renee, Malcolm Barrett, Bresha Webb, Amin Joseph, Tami Roman, Tisha Campbell, and gospel music icon Kirk Franklin.

But it was the host, DC Young Flay, who introduced…

Night sarcasm: The host sent the losing contestant home with this line: “Zorin, I’ve been confused all day, are you mistake! I lost! While the man who won was spinning and dancing all over the stage. And when all that happens, you know it’s not your grandfather’s game show.


The Champions Wildcard tournament continued Danger! on Tuesday, with three-time Season 37 champion Lucy Ricketts among the former champions returning to the Alex Trebek Theater to see what else they can do.

What she can do is control. Despite losing $2,400 and $6,000 during a game of Daily Doubles, the children’s book designer from Atlanta still managed to win $6,800 more than her next closest competitor. Make it…

Tonight’s winner: Ricketts earned $11,600 for the episode and earned a spot in the final as a finalist in the Champions Wildcard final.

Press your luck

On ABC Press your luckA devastating “blow” during the final round emptied $60,000 from contestant Carlo’s winnings. But there was a lot of groundbreaking excitement higher Until that point when the game show’s prize pool, spins and strikes had a more generous feel to it Most From the game. And that montage is…

Night clip:

Danger! And Wheel of fortune Weather Weekends, check local listings; Celebrity squares Airs Tuesdays on VH1; Press your luck It airs Tuesdays on ABC.