July 25, 2024


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Watch Harry Styles throw chicken nuggets at him during the New York City show

Watch Harry Styles throw chicken nuggets at him during the New York City show

During the fifth appointment of his stay at Madison Square Garden in New York, Harry Stiles He received an unusual gift from a member of the audience: two cold, stale chicken nuggets.

Previous One Directioner – who lives a vegan lifestyle – was surprised by the unconventional performances of his fan. He gave them props for their “very interesting approach” to get his attention, though, before questioning the audience curiously: “Who threw the chicken nuggets?”

Styles then noticed that a second nugget had been sipped on stage—”That’s another chicken nugget!” – Before fans start chanting for the singer to eat the block. “I don’t eat chicken,” he said apologetically, before tossing the first hard nugget into the crowd. He continued, “First of all, this is cold, and I suppose it is very old…”

Then the fan appeared to ask Styles to throw them back a second nugget, to which he bewildered, “Why!?” However, Styles implored them, “Don’t eat it!” He looked a bit defeated when the nugget ended up falling to the ground, before sneering: “Don’t look for it—we’ll get you another nugget, okay? Don’t be afraid.”

Take a look at some snapshots of the moment below:

Styles is currently a third of the way through his long stint at Madison Square Garden, where he will give a total of 15 shows. The hard block incident occurred on the fifth date on Saturday (August 27), and the sixth is happening now. The next three will descend in quick succession over September 1-3, with the remainder distributed through Wednesday, September 21.

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From there, he will continue his North American career on the Love On Tour with six shows each in Austin and Chicago, then 15 in Los Angeles. touring support Harry’s house album (which landed in May to four stars NME reconsidering), Styles will continue the American mission with legs in South America, Australia and New Zealandand then UK and Europe.

Search for tickets left for American shows over hereAustralian over hereUK/Europe over here.

Also this year, Styles will star in Olivia Wilde’s psychological thriller do not worry my loveThe second trailer Who dropped last month – and romantic drama policeman. As it was said to be Looking forward to coming back to me Marvel Cinematic UniverseWhere it first appeared like eros in the last year eternity.

Meanwhile, Texas State University recently announced You will be presenting a course on Harry Styles’ works. The Honors Course, entitled “Harry Styles and the Cult of Celebrity: Identity, the Internet and European Pop Culture” will begin in the spring of 2023.