July 25, 2024


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Wells Fargo accused of conducting fake job interviews with minority candidates: report

Wells Fargo accused of conducting fake job interviews with minority candidates: report

Former CEO of Wells Fargo The bank claims the company conducted “mock” job interviews for minority candidates for positions already filled, and says it was fired for drawing attention to the matter.

Joe Bruno, former CEO of Wealth Management at Wells Fargo’s offices in Jacksonville, Florida, He told the New York Times, That the company would interview minority candidates for positions to adhere to an informal policy that promoted diversity, but noted that candidates often interviewed for jobs promised by someone else.

This Tuesday, October 12, 2021 photo shows the Wells Fargo location in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke/AP Newsroom)

Bruno says he was fired last summer after telling his superiors that interviews were “inappropriate” and “morally and ethically wrong”.

The Times reported that Bruno was one of seven current and former Wells Fargo employees who said they had been instructed to interview “diverse” candidates for positions even if the decision had already been made to appoint a different candidate.

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Wells Fargo Chicago Branch

A Wells Fargo branch seen in the suburb of Evanston, Chicago, Illinois (Reuters / Reuters)

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“To the extent that individual employees engage in behavior as described by The New York Times, we do not tolerate it,” Wells Fargo spokeswoman Rachel Burton told The Times.

In a statement to Fox News Digital, Wells Fargo said it could not verify Bruno’s claim.

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“We have looked into all of the specific allegations the reporter shared with us prior to publishing the story and have not been able to confirm these allegations as factual,” a company spokesperson said.

The spokesperson added that Wells Fargo “will continue our internal review and if we find evidence of inappropriate behavior or deficiencies in our guidance or implementation, we will take decisive action.”

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In August 2020, amid widespread protests and riots after the murder of George FloydWells Fargo has agreed to pay nearly $8 million to settle a claim from the Department of Labor alleging the company discriminated against tens of thousands of black job applicants.

Months before that, the company Agreed to a $3 billion settlement To solve a fake account scandal, he admitted that he mistakenly collected millions of dollars in fees and interest, damaged the credit ratings of some customers and illegally used customers’ private information.

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Unrealistic sales targets have led to millions of accounts being opened without customers’ knowledge or under false pretenses, the company has admitted.