February 24, 2024


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What happened to the after-show party scene?  -The Hollywood Reporter

What happened to the after-show party scene? -The Hollywood Reporter

The Golden Globes are dubbed the “party of the year,” and with every great event in Tinseltown, there's usually a long finale and plenty of dancing attached. But 2024 is a new year and Hollywood isn't the same place it used to be.

But on Friday evening, the scene outside Chateau Marmont reflected pre-pandemic days. A large crowd of fans crowded the skinny sidewalk above Sunset Boulevard. Paparazzi scrambled to get photos of Margot Robbie, Greta Gerwig, Nic Cage, and Emma Stone as they exited their SUVs and headed upstairs for a cameo in W Magazine An annual best-in-class party in the hotel's disco ball-decorated penthouse. “They hate me,” Ania Varda, the elegant Chateau gatekeeper, was heard exclaiming, referring to the Points or the fans, but either could be true.

Outside Penthouse 64, the party's attackers open the door, drop names, and attempt to get into the room where it was about to happen (unsuccessfully). What they missed inside were black-tie-clad servers serving up trays piled high with caviar blinis and mini burgers, and a bar with free-flowing margaritas from Casamigos. W Sarah Moonves and Lynn Hirschberg exchanged hugs with almost every celebrity including Gerwig they spotted Hollywood Reporter Pointing her iPhone at the ceiling, she turned her arm in a crane-like motion, eventually zooming in on an image of Barbie herself, Ruby.

Alex Wolff whispered to German film star Franz Rogowski that he should be nominated for the lead role Corridors. Everyone's favorite best friend, Derek Blasberg, worked the room in a red suede jacket, Addison Rae snapped a selfie on the balcony, and stars like Willem Dafoe, Keri Russell, and Matthew Rhys headed downstairs to eat on the hotel's patio after the party. Even hotel owner Andre Balazs was on the scene after a season of controversy, squeezing Kelly Lynch's arms as they walked through the venue. WCeremony.

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Maybe normalcy has returned to the Hollywood social scene after all?

Greta Gerwig, Margot Robbie and Nicholas Cage

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Emma Stone, Lynn Hirschberg, Julia Garner, and Chief Editor Sarah Moonves.

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Is it possible that after the devastating blows of back-to-back strikes followed by widespread cuts, layoffs and public pressure on studio executives and streamers, everyone was not only ready to rub it in again, but let loose and celebrate? Not so fast. After one conversation at the Chateau with a high-profile awards insider, it became clear that the industry is still emerging from what was considered a globally challenging time. Yes, the champagne flowed but there weren't as many parties on Golden Globes weekend as there used to be. Existing invitations are more exclusive.

“The general mood is… we don't know yet,” the insider said. “Everyone is definitely happy to be together, but we are still holding back after the strike. There are a lot of questions. Should we have a party or not? Who should we invite? Where should we have the party? I know there are more people who want to attend parties because they have not “They get a ticket to the Golden Globes, but you don't want people coming to the Hilton for a breakout party like losers with their noses pressed up. Glass.”

Another source at the party offered an opinion: “Things He was Strange, and still are We are strange.”

Willem Dafoe and Barry Keoghan.

Roger Kisby/Getty Images

Nick Kroll and Jon Hamm.

Roger Kisby/Getty Images

Danielle Brooks, Storm Reid, Quinta Brunson, Gabrielle Union, Jurnee Smollett, Taraji P. Henson, Niecy Nash, Ayo Edebiri

Roger Kisby/Getty Images

Things are also very busy. The most popular partisan conversation, by far, has been how stressed and exhausted insiders are right now. (It's worth noting here how well “I have to go to a question-and-answer session” ends partisan conversations politely and efficiently.) The strike has upended the awards season schedule, with events crammed into an already crowded corridor ahead of the Oscars in March. . On the heels of the Golden Globes this week are the Oscars, the SAG Awards nominations, the National Board of Review Awards, the AFI Awards, the Critics' Choice Awards, and the Primetime Emmy Awards. That's just this week. It is not surprising that there is now a shortage of clothes due to empty showrooms.

Things are also complicated. “There have been some major issues in January every year for the last few years,” one veteran of the party scene explained, pointing to #MeToo, the pandemic, and the presidency of Donald Trump, to name a few. In 2024, the conflict between Israel and Hamas looms large, as does the ongoing war in Ukraine and the upcoming elections. “The fact of the matter is that right now, there are two wars raging where civilians are being destroyed by lunatics and absolutely insane people, and here we are doing just that.” [awards season]”,” Bad things Explained the excellent Mark Ruffalo THR. “I think it's important that we hold on to that. We can't ignore that this is happening. There's a lot of suffering in the world. This is nothing compared to what we're facing, but [awards season] A nice respite for people.”

Veterans of the game have noticed how much it has changed. “It's been 25 years since I've been in this business,” Eva Longoria explained. “I started going when goodie bags were plentiful. Remember that? You could apply for the goodie bags. But I like it more now because it's about business and there's more seriousness and gravitas to the process. Campaigning has skewed to substance rather than popularity voting. I love Also more intimate gatherings because you can focus on the substance and talk about filmmaking or the process of making television.

One industry insider who has spent decades in the game surveyed the Globes party scene and said, “It's a weird year. There are a lot of variables to consider that haven't been there in years past, like the recent strike, budget cuts, hiring freezes, and the Emmys.” Coming up and all the regular awards season events happening at once. This was not the year to make a statement with a big party at the Globe Awards, which is still way back. If you're going to have a party, you want to maximize it for all voters.

Or maximize your weekend. On Saturday night, Apple TV+ took over Sunset Tower not for the Globes but for the AMPAS celebration. Hosted by Martin Scorsese and him Moonflower Killers The team, Guillermo del Toro, Reese Witherspoon with his son Deacon Phillippe, Natasha Lyonne and Paul Walter Hauser, winner of last year's Globe Awards.

Sunday's show clashed with the second night of the Creative Arts Emmy Awards. This scenario also played a role in why there were fewer on-site parties at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, which in past years has hosted thousands of revelers at roughly a half-dozen after-show parties. Amazon, Netflix, NBC Universal, Disney, HBO, Fox, Sony Pictures, and Warner Bros. have hosted the series. InStyle and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (now just the Golden Globes) have held Globes events at the Hilton in past years.

Jeremy Allen White with Moët & Chandon.

Michael Kovach/Getty Images

Many of these companies took a hit during a long strike that put a spotlight on the studios' finances, so now wouldn't be the best time to throw a lavish party for wealthy guests, according to several insiders who cited optics as a reason to hold on. Low level stuff. Fortunately, for those ticketed guests who were able to make it to the Hilton, they had somewhere to go thanks painting Which collaborated with the Golden Globes for an official party. This year, the partners took over space previously occupied by HBO to bring together winners like Billie Eilish, Finneas, Lily Gladstone and the cast of The bear Gathered while Having their trophies engraved.

The city's major talent agencies had to consider the impact of the double whammy on their bottom lines, so CAA and UTA kept their attacks “very small and intimate,” a source said. CAA hosted a private meet at Chateau Marmont while UTA took over La Dolce Vita.

UTA leaders Jeremy Zimmer and David Kramer hosted winners Paul Giamatti (Retainers), Matthew Macfadyen (Succession(And Justin Treat)Anatomy of a fall), nominees like newlyweds Gerwig and Noah Baumbach, Sandra Holler, Will Ferrell, Tony McNamara, Phil Lord, Chris Miller and Andrew White (Barbie), and guests like Harrison Ford, Jack and Dennis Quaid, and fellow newlyweds Chris Evans and Alba Baptista. , Mads Mikkelsen and retained Teacher Alexander Payne.

The Golden Globes aired on CBS and Paramount+, and if this were a typical year and everyone was flush with cash, it wouldn't be a surprise to see Paramount hold its own after-show party, but that didn't happen, so bosses like Brian Robbins indulged in La Dolce Vita . Other executives making the rounds there were Showtime's David Nevins, Amazon Studios' Jane Salke, Warner Bros. executives Pam Abdi and Josh Goldstein, DC Studios' Peter Safran, Paramount+ president George Cheeks, and Spotify's Jeremy Ehrlich.

Jeremy Zimmer, Tracy James, Brian Robbins and David Kramer.

Eric Charbonneau/Le Studio Photography

Newlyweds and Barbie Collaborators Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach.

Eric Charbonneau/Le Studio Photography

UTA's Teresa Peters with Mads Mikkelsen.

Eric Charbonneau/Le Studio Photography

Jack and Dennis Quaid.

Eric Charbonneau/Le Studio Photography

Giamatti with UTA's Billy Lazarus and manager Perry Kiperman.

Eric Charbonneau/Le Studio Photography

Netflix and Universal took part in the post-show events, with the latter having a lot to celebrate thanks to Christopher Nolan's win over it. Oppenheimer. The director and his producing and life partner, Emma Thomas, toasted their team's victories at a private Uni party at Tommy's in Beverly Hills alongside other winners like Cillian Murphy, Ludwig Göransson and Da'Vine Joy Randolph from Retainers.

toast Oppenheimer The victories were Brian Roberts, Michael J. Kavanagh, Ludwig Göransson, Matt Damon, Josh Peck, Robert Downey Jr., Jack Quaid, David Dastmalchian, Emma Thomas, Michael Angarano, Josh Zuckerman, Cillian Murphy, Uli Haskevi, Emily Blunt, and Christopher Nolan. Donna Langley.

Alex J. Berliner / ABImages

Dominic Sessa, Alexander Payne.

Benjamin Schmeckler/ABImages

David Cassidy, Peter Kujawski, Davenjoy Randolph, Brian Roberts, Jamie Horowitz

Alex J. Berliner / ABImages

Matt Damon and Robert Downey Jr.

Alex J. Berliner / ABImages

Netflix threw a hot party, too, thanks to guests like Ted Sarandos, Bradley Cooper and company Artist, band leader A cast that includes Carey Mulligan, Dave Chappelle, Lenny Kravitz, Jon Batiste, meat Winners Ali Wong, Steven Yeun, Eilish, Andrew Scott, Colman Domingo, Gerwig, May December Julianne Moore, Natalie Portman, Charles Melton, Jon Hamm, winner Elizabeth Debicki, Jason Sudeikis, Creative Arts Emmy winner Sam Richardson, and even shrunken host Joe Koy.

However, on a night that demonstrated just how much Hollywood has changed over the past few years, some things remained the same. After finishing appearing in the press room to chat with him retained After winning Best Actor (and before hitting the party circuit), Giamatti moved from the Hilton to Westwood, where he joined his girlfriend, Clara Wong, and a cast including UTA's Billy Lazarus and director Perry Kiperman for burgers, fries, and soda at the party. Los Angeles institution inside and outside.

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