July 14, 2024


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What if Morocco firmly adopted English as its “first” foreign language instead of French?  – Le7tv.ma

What if Morocco firmly adopted English as its “first” foreign language instead of French? – Le7tv.ma

Launched by the British Council, an independent survey of 1,200 young Moroccans found that the majority of young Moroccans consider English to be Morocco’s “main language” for their future!

A statement entitled “Switch to English in Morocco” And whose publication coincided with the International Day of the English Language, most young Moroccans between the ages of 15 and 25 expressed their appetite for English! …

More than 70% of young Moroccans believe so The next 10 years, Succeeds in converting to English “Sure” French was the first foreign language in Morocco. 74% of them think that switching to English will benefit Morocco’s ambitions as an international business and tourism hub! …

“English is the language of the future”, The interviewers said. “Everyone is returning to the English language because of its dominance on the Internet.” In today’s world English is growing more and more as young people recognize its value and importance.

Learning English is considered more important than Arabic (65% against 25% of respondents respectively): Young people are more likely to suggest learning English instead of Arabic or French They see English as an international language, but also as a science, business, internet and future language!

Speaking of which, Tony Reilly, Morocco National Director of the British Council said: “Morocco is a country with a rich and diverse culture and multilingual history. It cannot and will not change. Multilingualism is a significant asset in an increasingly interconnected world. The Council will continue to support the Ministry of Education’s efforts to learn English in Morocco, but will also provide opportunities for young people to learn English through face-to-face educational programs and in-line “! …

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Moroccans who speak English fluently are younger, more educated, and have higher income levels. The choice is clear, English is now considered the language of the future in Morocco! …

If 80% of young Moroccans become English Morocco’s first foreign language, it will further support its ambitions to become an international business hub and a global gateway to Africa!

Abderrazzak Boussaid / Le7tv