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When and how to use comparative in English?

When and how to use comparative in English?



Universal-choice, with studentsPublished on October 16, 2023

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Are you learning English and want to improve your grammar? Learn to use comparisons to express the differences and similarities between two elements. In this article, we will explore this important grammar concept in detail and give you practical tips for using it effectively.

Comparison in English: Understand and use this tense to express hypothesis

What is the comparison?

In EnglishThe Comparison A way of comparing two things or two groups of things to show how similar or different they are in terms of quantity, quality, or intensity. It is often used to highlight superiority, inferiority or equality between two elements.

to Makes a comparisonWe usually add “more” or “less” before adjectives Comparison of superiority or inferiority. For some short adjectives, you can add “-er” to the end of the adjective.

Rules for making comparisons

The rules for forming a comparative vary depending on the length of the adjective.

Comparison of superiority

When we express superiority, we distinguish between short adjectives (one letter) and long adjectives (two or more letters).

Short adjective: [adjectif] + “-er” + “than”

For example: She is taller than her younger sister. (She is taller than her sister.)

Long adjective: “And” + [adjectif] + “than”

For example: This book is more interesting than the previous book. (This book is more interesting than the previous book.)

Comparison of Eq

Comparison of inferiority complex

To express inferiority, we do not distinguish between short and long adjectives: “less” + [adjectif] + “than”

For example: This film is less boring than the previous film. (This movie is less boring than the last movie.)

Exceptions and special cases

It should be noted that relatively few adjectives are completely irregular. For example:

  • good (good) is The best (better) in comparison.

  • worse (bad) becomes worse In comparison (worse).

  • So far (distance) is Further Or Further Relatively, depending on the context.

Practical exercises

Now that you have studied the comparative rules in English, try to complete the following sentences using the correct comparative form.

Exercises with comparative superiority

has This dress (pretty) ____________ another.

B. My dog ​​is very (fast) ____________ yours.

Nothing against (important) ____________ health.

Exercises comparing equality

has Peter (tall) _______________ John.

B. Maria (smart) _______________ his sister.

vs. tennis is (physical) _______________ badminton.

Exercises that compare to inferiority complex

has His apartment (spacious)_______________ mine.

B. The blue shirt is (expensive)_______________ red.

vs. metro (safe)_______________ a taxi.

Well done! You now have a better understanding of comparatives in English. Keep practicing to master this essential structure and don’t hesitate to use it in your conversations and writing to improve your English. Good luck with your language learning!

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Exercise corrections

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Exercises with comparative superiority

has This dress more beautiful than the other one.

B. My dog ​​runs a lot faster than yours

Nothing against Very important than Health.

Exercises comparing equality

has It’s Peter As tall as John.

B. It’s Maria Such a genius Her sister.

vs. tennis Like the body Badminton.

Exercises that compare to inferiority complex

has His apartment less spacious than mine.

B. Just a blue shirt Less expensive than The red one.

Against is the metro less secure than By taxi.