June 19, 2024


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When Joan of Arc began the French conquest against the English

Is France still there in the early 1420s? The reign of Charles VI was devastating: insane, sovereignty could only use its power relentlessly, and it opened the field to the aspirations of the great feudal lords. The struggle for influence between his brother, Duke of Orleans and his uncle, Duke of Burgundy, turned into a civil war. Taking advantage of the fall, the British resumed the struggle: their king, Henry V, destroyed the French knighthood at Ajinkort on October 25, 1415, and with great force, negotiated a treaty, which crowned Charles VI when he died. When it finally died in October 1422, the kingdom was divided into three: the British dominated the north and west and occupied Paris; Their Burgundian allies form the richest, semi-independent nations in the East; The legitimate heir, Charles, the honorable son of “Folin”, he took refuge in Porges with some advisers.

An extraordinary event occurs later, which, although properly documented, is always somewhat mysterious. A young woman appears. Her name is Jean: she is a farm girl from Lorraine. She hears voices and says she is guided by God. She approaches King Charles and, even better, persuades him to hand her over with a small troop. He wanted to help the Orleans, was loyal to the captain, and was surrounded by the English. On May 8, 1429, the siege was lifted and Joan successfully entered the city.

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