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Where to find and catch Flopie in Palworld

Where to find and catch Flopie in Palworld

Michelle Cornelia

Flopie does more than just collect resources for you, as this Pal also has multiple job features. Here's where to find and catch Flopie in Palworld.

At first glance, Flopie looks like a lovable and adorable friend who wants to follow you wherever you go in Palworld. However, aside from its fluffy appearance, this floating, rabbit-like friend is actually one of the hardest workers out there.

Suitable for farming, manual labor, pharmaceutical production, transportation and collection, the Flopie is the perfect solution for all trades when it comes to productivity. This game. So, if you ever feel like the manpower in your base is a little lacking, it wouldn't hurt to add this friend to your party.

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In this guide, we'll walk you through everything you need to know about where to find and capture Flopie in Palworld.

How to find Flopie in Palworld

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You can find Flopie around the main road north of the Bridge of Twin Knights fast travel point. Fortunately, they are very common and spread regardless of the time of day.

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If you're having trouble finding Flopie, try the Pal Sphere glitch that launches you into the air. This way, it will be easier to explore the entire area.

How to catch Floppy in Palworld

Since Flopie is a Grass-type friend, he is naturally weak to Fire-type friends, such as Flambelle and Foxparks. You can use a fire type of your choice to deal explosive damage, and chip away at his remaining health with a weaker friend just to be safe.

When Flopie's health is low enough, aim and cast Pal Sphere on her, and the Pal should now be by your side. The good thing about Flopie, besides being an excellent worker, is that he also drops wheat seeds and low-quality medical supplies to treat sick friends.

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Additionally, the partner skill, Helper Bunny, allows Flopie to follow you and collect resources, making your collecting experience even more convenient.