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Where to learn and practice English easily in Cherbourg?

Where to learn and practice English easily in Cherbourg?

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Online Language Learning Platform, Reservationshared the results of a Wonderful study : The most common words and expressions to translate into English Research by French Internet users on search engines. In the first position “hello” is close to the alphabet, days of the week, numbers, madam, thank you and bon appetit.

Do you know the English version of these words? Well done! You are one of the Cherbourg residents available in English. Isn't it so? Go to the second part of this article Discover English in Cherbourg (Sleeve) !

Are Cherbourg residents well-versed in English?

For your comments, we will not Not that bad ! Instead, many of you have confided in us your fascination with this language that facilitates openness. met And this travel.

Like Zora, a German from Switzerland, now settled in the region: “ I speak English fluently. I settled in Cherbourg with my French husband. Personally, I find that there is Only benefits Being able to speak multiple languages ​​in travel and life in general “.

Fluent English, academics in high school and a year of prep school, then a summer as an au pair in America, a subscription to Time magazine before the internet era, jobs in the tourism industry and a brother-in-law American! Henceforth, movies and series in the original version as soon as possible, occasional reading in English (many English-speaking writing resources or videos in my professional field) and hands-on training whenever possible!


Others, like Chloe, feel the importance of learning English From a young age : ” I will start my daughter in English as soon as she is old enough! This is the base for travel today Communication With non-French speakers. Not to mention the uplifting effect of interacting with people All over the world “.

In high school, I was already in good shape and I loved translating songs, watching movies in the original language and listening to the BBC. I am with a British man from 2022, my English is very improved… I plan to work and live in UK.

“I never miss an opportunity to practice (because I'm shy, I practice regularly). I always get a warm welcome,” Caroline. (©This is in Cherbourg)

Practice, practice and more practice!

There is no secret, to learn and progress, this is what you advise us: us practice. You have to be more courageous and accept mistakes. not that CatAn English and English teacher in Cherbourg since 1991, would say the opposite.

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“I see that the level of English among the French is improving. Maybe thanks A sequel to the original versionto do Social websites And learning this language backwards and forwards. Often people say that they speak badly if they have a Good condition In English. You have to be brave… and don't be afraid to make mistakes because you still understand. »

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Level of English of Cherbourg residents English speakers People who talk about it better. Thanks to Mike for this Good point : ” In my experience, this is the best. I've lost count of Serborshwa's responses to my horribly accented French. Clear English. “.

English in our schools

From the start of the September 2023 school year, Baquesne and Noblet, two neighboring Cherbourg schools located in the Provinces district, have benefited from the British International division. Students applied to be a part of this unit in the spring of 2023 and began English at the beginning of the school year with two teachers, Lou Alain and Caroline Frigot.
The academy explains that this will give selected students “a great cultural and linguistic opening” and allow them to “deepen their English language skills”.
We also remind you that Cherbourg has two bilingual schools in English: Guibert-Zola Primary School, located in the center of Cherbourg, which will officially become bilingual in 2021 (strongly influenced by the arrival of Australian students in recent years) . Petits Bateaux is a private and Montessori school in the city center and welcomes children from two and a half to 12 years old.

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If you don't understand Mike's great appreciation for the people of Cherbourg, it's time to learn English…with these few people Solutions in Cherbourg (incomplete list).

Where to learn English in Cherbourg?

1. Conversations and courses at La Polle

Cultural and Sports Association La Bolle provides English lesson for that Adults (9 am to 10 am on Mondays), for Children (Wednesdays from 4pm to 5pm), and Conversation Workshops (every Friday from 2pm to 3:30pm).

2. “Cherbourg English Encounters”

Visit the Facebook group “Cherbourg English Encounters” To meet other locals who are looking for people to socialize and participate with Monthly coffees and friendly in English.

3. Cook in English

Don't miss the event “Let's cook in English” Cook while speaking English with others A home for allJanuary 27 afternoon.

4. English lessons at L'Autre Bar

It's new, it's on the bar other placeRené-Le Bas in space, with Judith Forney, everyone Tuesdays 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM and 6 PM to 7 PM

Info 06 06 40 72 22

5. Workshops at Ferme des Flottes

Come try an English workshop at Ferme des Flottes (CLT Culture and Leisure) with Joyce Pinot-Bunting, a qualified editor French-IrishTuesdays from 2pm to 3:30pm, prepare your records for the next school year.

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