July 22, 2024


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Whoopi Goldberg and Elisabeth Hasselbeck reportedly haven’t spoken after the extensive abortion argument

Whoopi Goldberg and Elisabeth Hasselbeck reportedly haven’t spoken after the extensive abortion argument

The latest gossip from the scientist From the view Is Whoopi Goldberg not talking to him Elisabeth Hasselbeck behind the scenes.

As fans know, politics plays a huge role in the viewand according to online radarGoldberg’s liberal methods contrast with Hasselbeck’s increasingly far-right views. Radar reported that tension escalated after Wednesday’s episode, which touched on abortion rights.

Goldberg, a staunch proponent of abortion rights, reiterated her position on the right to choose, while Hasselbeck said she felt God had a purpose for life, no matter how it was created.

But what really infuriated Goldberg, according to the outlet, was her cutting Hasselbeck to shed more of her opinions. Hasselbeck also made a remark about her unwillingness to agree with Goldberg, further demonstrating her insistence on ideological behaviour.

The two reportedly stopped talking to each other during the trade break, as Radar reported from a gossip account on Instagram. Doxmoy. Reportedly, they were the only hosts who did not interact with each other.

It’s not far to believe that this could have happened, as Hasselbeck’s tenure in “The View” has become more and more controversial as the years have progressed.

but, the view The producers were intent on welcoming the split and controversy by appointing Alyssa Farrah Griffin, a former Trump administration member, to become one of the series’ permanent hosts. She and Anna Navarro (now a permanent member of the team) Will fill the vacancy Another controversial host, Megan McCain, left her.

As Shadow and Act Unscripted has reported multiple times, fans of the show are careful not to fill producers with vacancies or show segments with hostility and dangerous political views, like what fans were privy to at the height of the coronavirus disinformation campaign.

In fact, many fans wrote on social media that they were prepared to boycott to prevent Farrah Griffin’s appointment. Others said that since her appointment, they will shift their support for the show away.

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