July 23, 2024


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Why isn’t Taylor Swift listed on Google’s 2023 searches?

Why isn’t Taylor Swift listed on Google’s 2023 searches?

Taylor Swift is so popular that seismologists measured recent tour dates in Seattle 2.3 magnitude earthquake. “You wouldn’t know if it was from the latest edition of Google’s annual report.”Year of search“, anyway. Every December, the company publishes a list of the year’s most popular search terms. But there’s one name conspicuously absent from the 2023 edition.

The Queen of Pop is not in any of the trending Google search categories for 2023, although Time magazine recently named her one. person of the Year. For example, Shakira is the most searched musician globally, while the “Try That In a Small Town” singer is at the top. Jason Aldean It takes first place in the United States. What’s more, outside Official listsGoogle Promotional video Celebrating the Year of Search Taylor Swift is named the ‘Most Searched Songwriter’. Obviously, songwriters are not considered musicians. Why aren’t other songwriters ranked in the top five, like the rest of the categories? What’s even stranger is that Google’s own data shows that Taylor blows both Shakira and Aldean out of the water.

You can see the popularity of different search terms using Google Trends program. Swift beats Aldean on every day of the year in 2023 except July 16-22. It overtook Shakira by similar metrics, with more searches throughout the entire year except for a brief period where Shakira took the top spot in January when the Colombian singer released the song She criticizes her ex-boyfriend Gerard Pique.

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Chart showing Talory Swift outperforming Jason Aldean on Google Trends.

Data shows Taylor Swift is ahead of Jason Aldean, but Google doesn’t want you to know that.
Screenshot: Google/Gizmodo

Google may have its thumb on the scale Taylor Swift cancelled, but some of her former lovers appeared multiple times on the company’s year-end lists, including singers Joe Jonas and Matt Healy. Her current boyfriend, Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs, appears on lists of most searched athletes and most searched people in general. This makes her absence even more strange because Swift is the sole reason for the recent increased interest in her boyfriend.

Google spokeswoman Colette Garcia told us there’s a simple explanation for the confusion. Basically, Taylor Swift topping the trending charts would be boring. “More popular lists lead to more interesting data pulls and are generally better at identifying what people are curious about in 2023 than in 2022,” Garcia said. “Trending” queries are searches that saw a significant spike in traffic over a sustained period in 2023 compared to 2022. Taylor Swift is someone who consistently gets a lot of search attention, not someone who had a spike in 2023 Compared to 2022.”

In other words, this year’s Google search list looks for big searches that didn’t also top the charts last year. This makes a certain amount of sense. It’s interesting to see “Grimace Shake” and “Lasagna Soup” top the recipe list over “Chicken Soup” or something else.

As for the “Year in Search” video, he includes Swift because it highlights the most searched terms of all time (or at least going back to 2004), Garcia said. So, Swift is ahead of all the competitors if you think about it.

And for Google’s sake, let’s hope common sense is enough to quell its rabid army of fans.