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Why love gets cold for three zodiac signs on December 2, 2023

Why love gets cold for three zodiac signs on December 2, 2023

Have you ever been in a situation where someone said something to you, seemingly out of nowhere, that became an irreversible set of words that can never be replaced again? This person may have made a mistake and spoken out of turn, but it no longer matters. The most offensive words came out of their mouths, and you will never see them in the same light again because of what they said.

This is a common experience during Mercury’s transit of Saturn today. Today is December 2, 2023, and because of this astrological event, we will see how communication can change us forever.

Whether it’s in the form of hearing someone we love say something that’s completely damaging to their reputation or whether our romantic partner does something so foolish that we can’t believe what we just saw, it doesn’t matter. Today’s word is “irrevocable.” Make a note.

So, during Saturn-Mercury, our love will cool, all because of something we experienced that changed the way we see the person. Trust goes out the window, and so does love. Mercury sextile Saturn is a very harsh and strict transit, the influence of which three zodiac signs will experience.

Three zodiac signs see their love cool towards their partner on December 2, 2023:

1. Aries, you are one of those people who give second, third and fourth chances.

I’ve also realized that this makes you a doormat after a while. On this day, December 2, 2023, during Mercury’s sextile transit to Saturn, you will realize that you no longer want to maintain this situation.

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You’re tired of being taken advantage of and made into a fool, and on this day you’re officially going to get involved with the person you’ve been kidding around all this time.

Where is the love and respect? These are the questions you’ll ask yourself on this day when you start to get the point: Your romantic partner just makes mistakes and isn’t serious when they need to be. I noticed that they are very rude in their words, as if your respect no longer really concerns them, and all this is causing you trouble. You are here to be loved and respected, and your partner is clearly too lazy to do that.

You may find that your patience has completely run out. You’ve seen how your partner took full advantage of the situation and how this seems to have little respect for your situation as if it’s your responsibility to make things better. Well, you’re not the parent, and you don’t want to babysit someone who can’t get their shit together and act like an adult. All of this leaves you cold to the bone.

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2. Libra, things are difficult.

The sad part about December 2, 2023 is that you knew this day was coming because you saw some strange behavior start in your romantic partner. Although you didn’t mention anything at the time, they didn’t stop doing the wrong thing, in your opinion.

What started as an auspicious love affair has now turned into this strange situation where your partner freely declares his disapproval of you.

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not nice! Although it’s fair game to both share and share when it comes to our feelings, it seems as if your partner has simply forgotten how to clear themselves and this gets worse during a Mercury sextile Saturn transit. What also makes matters worse is your opinion of them and how willing you are to stand up, which, by the end of this day, is probably close to nothing. Things are changing and you have a feeling that you know where they are going.

You’re not in this relationship to be belittled or given up, and your partner seems to feel a certain kind of happiness when they think they’ve “got you.” It’s starting to get bad and he feels abused and this is the last thing she will allow to happen. All of this makes you feel cold and turned off. It’s not going to get better, because this person isn’t about to change for anything. They made their bed. And now they can lie in it.

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3. Capricorn, your love has grown cold.

You may have a moment or two during this day, December 2, 2023, where you say to yourself about your romantic partner, “Oh no, you didn’t just say that, did you?” Today you will hear your partner casually say something that will blow your mind, and once you hear it, you won’t be able to get it out of your mind. They may retract their words, but they also know they have crossed the line. In your case, during Saturn-Mercury, once you cross the line, there is no turning back.

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You all support open conversation and freedom of expression within a relationship. However, the last thing you want is for this freedom to turn into the disrespect and chaos that your partner has just unleashed, whether by accident or intentionally.

The real problem here is that you think it’s intentional, and they’re being passive aggressive and trying to start something with you. What’s interesting is that it works. They started a good thing, which is called freezing them out.

Once you’re cold, you rarely melt, especially if you feel you’ve been unfairly insulted. You are not here to take someone’s grievances like you are the DMV or any type of bureaucracy. If your partner is that unhappy, let them stand up as a person and say it to your face, respectfully. This whole thing leaves you cold and wanting to walk away. There’s no going back to this, Scorpio.

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