July 23, 2024


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“Why write everything in English?”  asks Alpha Ventura

“Why write everything in English?” asks Alpha Ventura

Athletes are fighting for the French language to be considered special. There are even footballers who are loudly demanding that French be used in the championship. After all, Canada is a bilingual country. In Quebec, we speak French, Why English should be everywhere. Why write everything in English?

That’s what angered Montreal Alouettes player Marc-Antoine Deguay after winning the Canadian championship. “Keep your English.” Well, he got really angry, and after that, he said: “Because we are Dive champions, let’s go.” English will come out when your knowledge is at an end.

He is the only one not to notice that only English has a place in the game. Other athletes supported him. The Quebec Minister of French even tabled a motion to respect the French language in sports leagues..

In any case, the footballer’s departure caused a debate in Canada. Marc-Antoine Dequoy came to explain his bloodshed on television sets: ““I don’t see the protection of the French language as a political issue, but as a social issue,” he said.”

It is not only here that the French language is subject to debate.

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