May 24, 2024


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WWE releases White Rabbit merchandise, new evidence points to Raw

WWE releases White Rabbit merchandise, new evidence points to Raw

After a weekend of play Jefferson’s classic “White Rabbit” For the live fans, WWE sends fans down a rabbit hole raw. The QR code was displayed at least twice on September 19 raw led to video That’s what sparked – among other things – something tonight Smackdown.

This has a lot of people eagerly anticipating something on the September 23rd show from Salt Lake City, and a lot of speculation we could. See Bray Wyatt on WWE TV for the first time since its surprise release over a year ago.

However, don’t get your hopes up too high. It looks like someone in the WWE accidentally updated the QR code for a webpage on Monday linked to a new video. This has since been deleted (Link now only the html test page), so the common assumption is that it was supposed to go up tonight after we were directed to it by something in Smackdown. Once it’s online, it will be available forever…

Features a white rabbit (bump) navigating a maze filled with three floating flames. Bunny tries to get to a red door, and when he does, we see the word “COAL” and a set of coordinates from Rogers Place in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada – the host place for September 26th. raw.

While this might be bad news for the Fiends hoping to see Bray tonight, there is some good news. WWE Shop will sell you some white rabbit equipment To wear it while you wait!

There are two designs. One of them simply features our protagonist (the rabbit, not Bray)…

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WWE Store

The other one has the hangman game from Monday’s teaser video…

WWE Store

What does all this mean? WWE wants to keep you in touch – and maybe get $28 plus shipping and handling from you while you’re at it.

Beyond that?

follow the hawks the rabbit.