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Yankees’ Carlos Rodon’s back problem takes another turn: ‘It’s really bad’

Yankees’ Carlos Rodon’s back problem takes another turn: ‘It’s really bad’

street. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Yankees starting quarterback Carlos Rodon broke his silence on Friday, speaking to reporters for the first time since the end of spring training. The Yankees gave left a $162 million contract in the offseason, and he has yet to throw a pitch in a real game, first suffering a forearm injury before developing a back problem. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Rodon will get a cortisone shot in his back early next week, and the Yankees hope the treatment will help ease the “restriction” and “tightness” that Rodon said he feels.
  • “It’s really nasty,” he told reporters in front of the visiting club at Tropicana Field before the home opener against the Rays. “I want to do a pitch for the New York Yankees. I want to pitch here in this series.”
  • Rodon said he still didn’t know when he’d be ready for the majors. “When my body tells me I can throw and everyone agrees I can throw, that’s when I start throwing,” he said. To the hill or whatever I’m running this intensification and rehab, I can’t schedule you. I thought I’d do a show here for the club now.”

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The Yankees continue to struggle with injuries

Rodon is one of the team’s most notable injured players out of a large number of them. They’ve used 13 injury-hit rosters this season—the second most in the majors behind the Mets. The Yankees are also missing starting pitcher Louis Severino (lat.), who has yet to play this season. Slackers Aaron Judge (hip strain) Giancarlo Stanton (hamstring), third baseman Josh Donaldson (hamstring) are at IL, as are relievers Lou Trivino (Tommy John surgery), Jonathan Luwisega (elbow surgery) and Tommy Canley (biceps) . The Yankees hope Judge returns as soon as Monday. – cutie

What Rodon said

The 30-year-old said that three doctors consulted him and agreed that he should receive an injection. He will be prohibited from pitching for several days after treatment, which the Yankees are still in the process of scheduling. He said he saw an improvement in the injury.

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He said, “Lately it got a lot better, and I didn’t feel anything every day. Before, I’d say I was in pain day in and day out. I was too shy to pick things up because I didn’t want to make it worse.”

Rodon said doctors told him the injury might be “chronic” as a result of his mechanics when he pitches.

“It’s part of the game we’re playing,” he said. For some reason, now is the time to act. He added that he had never dealt with this type of injury before.

Rodon said forearm fatigue is no longer an issue. Rodon said he does not feel pain when throwing the ball so much as a tightness that does not allow him to control his pitches, although he continues to throw it at his usual pace.

“I’ve been saying to Gerrit (Cole) here, ‘I’m going to throw a fastball and you’re going to cut two feet,'” Rodon said. “Or I’d throw a sinker. I don’t throw a sinker. The launch height — things aren’t normal because my body doesn’t allow me to get into the positions I need to be in.”

background story

The Yankees hoped Rodon would be an assistant alongside Cole as they looked to end a World Series title drought that had lasted since 2009. Rodon was the best player in the free agent market in the offseason, finishing sixth in the National League. Cy Young’s league run with the Giants.

Last season, he went 14-8 with a 2.88 ERA in 31 starts—a career high. He also finished fifth in American League Cy Young voting with the White Sox in 2021. But Rodon, a former major leaguer, has a long history of injuries involving Tommy John surgery and shoulder problems.

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