May 21, 2024


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Yankees Put Frankie Montas on IL with Shoulder Inflammation

Yankees Put Frankie Montas on IL with Shoulder Inflammation

The Yankees declared that the right-handed Frankie Montas He was placed on the casualty list for 15 days, retrospectively to 17 September, due to inflammation in the right shoulder. In a similar move, a defensive player Harrison Bader He was brought back from the list of injured, a move that was Previously mentioned.

Montas, 29, was acquired from A’s before the trade deadline in early August. He had had some shoulder infections in July and ended up missing it for just over two weeks. He got a cortisone shot and went back to start two more A’s before the deadline. Clearly, the Yankees weren’t satisfied enough with the results to go ahead and pull the trigger on the deal.

Unfortunately, the transition to the Bronx has not gone smoothly for Montas just yet. Although he had a 3.18 ERA at the time of the trade, he has scored a mark of 6.35 since wearing the stripes. His strike rate of 25.8% with Oakland was replaced by a mark of 17.8% with the Yankees. Shoulder problem likely plays a role in all of this, as the speedball waned in July, back again in August, before dropping again here in September. Montas says ESPN’s Marley Rivera That the current problem is similar to what he experienced last time and that he received another dose of cortisone. boss Aaron Bon Talk to the media (Video from Rivera) He said Montas will be closed from shooting for about 10 days and can still return to work initially for the remainder of the season.

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The last time Montas walked this route, he filed on July 21, and his first start since July 3. On that comeback start, he threw 53 throws over the course of three goalless rounds. He followed that up with 78 throws over five rounds on July 26 and then traded before his next start. With just over two weeks left on schedule, that leaves a narrow window for Montas’ return, assuming he’s even able to follow a similar schedule this time around.

For the Yankees, this will put an impact deep into their rotation for the rest of the season and possibly into the post-season, depending on how Montas recovers. Despite a difficult second half, they still have a 5.5 game lead over the Middle East Blue Jays and are well positioned to earn a goodbye in the first round of playoffs. That should give them more time to rebuild Montas back up, assuming they can hold out over the coming weeks. The Yankees are expected to get in the short term Louis Severino Back from his IL mission tomorrow, per MLB.comWhile Boone says so Domingo German He will rejoin the shift on Saturday, every’s Brian Hoch. These two will be entered into rotation side by side Gerrit ColeAnd the Nestor Cortes And the Jameson Telon. In the longer term, despite the acquisition of Montas with the hope that he will be a major contributor to Team Yank in the playoffs, it is now uncertain what role he will play there.

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