June 16, 2024


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Young Moroccans love English

Young Moroccans love English

Could this be the end of the honeymoon with French? The culmination of this “hate” took place last weekend, after several anti-Francophonie campaigns that are constantly being launched on social networks.

do you speak english

In one of the few theaters still operating in Casablanca, the public vented their anger during two screenings. Audiences who flocked to watch American blockbusters “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer” openly expressed their displeasure with the entire project. Minutes before the session began, whistles and shouts erupted from the audience demanding the original audio version.

People objected to the unappreciated translation as they did not appreciate dubbing in French. Videos describing this “revolution” are also revealing. Beyond the “artistic” choice, the reaction of the disgruntled audience in Casablanca, praising the original version, is quite surprising and provocative.

me too

The “hatred” of Moliere’s language is increasingly pronounced, which will be expressed more on social networks in the hours after the incident. Commenting on what happened in this Casablanca movie, netizens mostly applauded it. “Majority of Moroccan youth are more proficient in English than French. So this kind of dubbing should be stopped because it spoils all the beauty of the original dialogues. Arabic subtitles are enough,” Imane said on Twitter.

Same observation on Marouane page in a post on facebook. “I don’t understand how people appreciate a dubbing film!!! They miss the essence of the emotion and the acting of the actors. Dubbing is a crime against cinema and cinema in general,” reasoned the Facebooker. Internet users do not miss the opportunity to confirm that French is “now out of date” if they go to the main site.

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“Since the last century, people don’t appreciate dubbing in French, which spoils the cinematography and compliments the original dialogue in English. Otherwise the trick is to add subtitles in Arabic. French films should be translated into English, not the other way around”; Support Massin on Twitter.

Cut the rope!

“It’s time to break this difficult rope with the language of the colonialists. Nothing compels us to appreciate American movies or others dubbed in French. It’s a real perversion!”, cut Benlector in reaction to this video. The widespread rejection of dubbing in French often masks a certain distaste for Molière’s language. “We are tired of ‘Keliminis’ (Editor’s Note: Snopes) language. It’s time for English! It’s the only thing that allows us to communicate with the world,” Noor declares. R, in a Facebook post.

A simple isolated comment? Various campaigns launched from time to time on social networks prove the opposite. “No to French, no to English”, “No to the language of the colonizers”, “End French-speaking supremacy”… many hashtags that continue to circulate on social media speak volumes about this disenchantment. The anti-Francophonie and pro-AngloSaxon movement expresses a break with the language of the elite and a passion for a popular and openly democratized language.


A trend is also confirmed by the results of a survey published by the British Council in 2021. According to the latter, 40% of young people consider English the main language to learn, compared to only 10% for French. Two-thirds believe that English will replace French as the first foreign language in the coming years.

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