February 25, 2024


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YouTube and TikTok are the favorite TV channels of young Brits

YouTube and TikTok are the favorite TV channels of young Brits

Young people watch 70 minutes a day on YouTube compared to 53 minutes on linear TV programming. Maridav/Maridav – stock.adobe.com

People under the age of 35 now spend more time in front of traditional television.

Don’t ask a young Brit the name of his favorite TV presenter. He loves watching YouTubers and scrolling through videos TikTok. In his view, television is already a symbol of the past.

Across the channel, the decline in media among these segments is striking. A few statistics say it all. Each day, 15-24-year-olds spend just 53 minutes in front of traditional TV channels, according to the sector’s regulator Ofcom’s new annual Media Nations report. But they spend 57 minutes on TikTok. A Chinese social network popularizing short videos has become their new television. Not only that. The survey shows that the big target of 16-34 year olds has left the small screen. Young people aged 15-24 devote 53 minutes of their day to linear television programs. Less than 70 minutes of YouTube viewing. And that’s less than the 79 minutes these young people collectively spend…

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