July 14, 2024


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மத்.  Learn English by singing

மத். Learn English by singing

After a concert in the village of Cornac this summer, in September we met Emma Bartett, an English teacher and jazz singer at the College de Argent. In order to combine her career and her interest in singing, she has developed an innovative and interesting method of learning the English language through singing.

How did this method come to you?

In contact with my students. With traditional education, many students can read and understand English, making it difficult to speak this language. Lacking self-confidence, they do not have the courage! It was during one night in college that I noticed that students speak English very well when they sing their favorite songs!

You practice the “English through song” method. Who are these sessions for?

Children or adults, all those who want to conform to English should work playfully on their voice and pronunciation. Choosing a song is an excuse. Translate to understand it first, then embolden your emotions and enjoy singing it. From this text, we will approach grammar and then proceed to other difficulties. My sessions are personal support for a limited project during my first meeting at home or in Cornwall. Contact me by email: [email protected] Or in N ° 06 12 62 57 98.

What is your background?

Born in Africa where I lived until I was a teenager I went to school at a very young age. I studied to teach English, mastered the caps and now I have been teaching this language for 27 years. In my spare time I work on my voice because I love to sing, and I attend concerts with musicians and friends. Currently, I use my parental leave to study psychophony which I want to grow up with later. The song allows you to change your voice and your breathing to better deal with problems of pitch, rhythm and memorization. Singing is a development that will help you develop your self-confidence and improve your English!

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