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Large English pillar with a distinct history …

Joe Marler, 31, is one of the managers of the Harlequins locker room and English exam (72 caps). Pillar has a great career. But, behind his sporting success, he hid an awkward comfort charm that he had learned to manage over time. Encryption of the life of one of the best pillars in English rugby already.

Fact: Of the experts, Marler only played Harlequins

Joe Marler was born in Eastbourne and began his youth team career with Howards Heath. His talent was already clear and he soon caught the attention of the biggest English clubs. He joined Harlequins in 2008, his first professional club, and he never left Harlequins.

Lie: He started the selection as the holder against France

In the summer of 2010, two years after coming to Harlequins, Joe Marler was called up for the English exam after an injury to David Wilson. He will have to wait two years to start in the summer of 2012. He is at the start of the game against South Africa on June 9th.

Fact: Marler has already retired internationally

Besides Joe Marler being an athlete, he does a lot of work emotionally. In 2018, he made an important decision to put an end to his international career in order to focus on his family life. He admitted that he sometimes voluntarily picked up boxes at a club to avoid being selected! In 2019, while still performing well at the club, he agrees to retire from his international career, and he was selected for the World Cup.

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Lie: He is the world champion

Joe Marler has played two World Cups at home in 2015 and in 2019. But the English lost their match.

When they were favorites. They were eliminated early and opened the field for two finalists, New Zealand and Australia. In 2019, he was defeated by South Africa in the final in Japan and became the Vice World Champion.

Fact: Joe Marler wrote a book

Joe Marler is a solid player, he doesn’t impress anyone on the pitch, but he has flaws just like everyone else. He had the courage to speak publicly about the depression that had plagued him for years. Writing a book entitled Loose head This could translate to losing his mind, allowing him to speak in writing about his questions and his doubts. The book was a huge success.

Mistake: He won the Champions Trophy

The Harlequins have never won a major European Cup. However, they won three European Challenges in 2001,

2004 and 2011. Joe Marler, with his outstanding career, would have qualified to win the most prestigious European Cup at least once.

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