June 19, 2024


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Fishing Licenses | Paris prepares “retaliatory measures” against the British

(Paris) French Foreign Minister Anic Girardin announced on Thursday that Paris would soon launch “retaliatory measures” in response to the limited number of British licenses granted to French fishermen.

“We have a calendar of actions to be taken by experts early next week […] European action, national action, of course in the direction of the British and our Jersey neighbors, with the announcement of retaliatory measures, “said Maritime Minister Anik Girard on Europe 1 radio.

“I hope the 15 days before us will be dedicated to this work, which will be manifested directly in the UK,” he continued.

I need to get my license back, Minister in English, starting with Margaret Thatcher, British Prime Minister from 1979 to 1990 I want my money back At the end of the European Community Leaders’ Summit in Dublin on November 30, 1979, there were nine countries at the time.

Threats to block English products

Olivier Lepretre, chairman of the Hots-de-France Fisheries Committee, warned: “If nothing changes within 15 days to three weeks, professionals will show their teeth.”

I’m not going to talk about port blocking, but one thing is for sure: UK products will be blocked.

Oliver Lebretre, chairman of the Hots-de-France Fisheries Committee

On Wednesday, the Anglo-Norman island of Jersey announced the granting of 64 permanent licenses to French boats (as opposed to the 169 requested by Paris) and rejected 75 files. The previous day, London had granted 12 additional approvals at sea, within 6 to 12 nautical miles of its shores (87 requested).

Photo by Pascal Rosignol, Archive Appointment

French boat Thomas Nicholas II A Dutch trawler crosses the North Sea on December 7, 2020, off the coast of northern France.

“We regret that the number of licenses issued is so low,” the European Commission responded Thursday with the voice of its spokeswoman Vivian Lunella. “We ask the United Kingdom to share with us its method,” he told a news conference.

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“When it comes to small vessels, we find it very difficult to get a license because they do not need to legally register their positions and operations electronically,” he said.Me Lunella.

“With all the information the Commission has provided to UK and Jersey authorities, we have provided all available and relevant evidence proving the historical action for these current licenses,” he said.

The Brexit agreement reached between London and Brussels at the end of last year was issued on the condition that European fishermen be licensed in certain British waters if they could prove that they had previously fished there. .