May 20, 2024


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Slimane flirts with English and Spanish audiences by hiding “mon amor” in their language

Slimane flirts with English and Spanish audiences by hiding “mon amor” in their language

The singer, who is doing international concerts ahead of the pageant, has found an original way to make an impression on the minds of future voters.

The Eurovision marathon for Slimane began. The French representative for the 2024 tournament has started its tour of Europe to meet the international audience. And to better appeal to them, he does not hesitate to modify the text slightly my dearThe song, which he will perform in Malmö, Sweden on May 11, adapts the lyrics to their language.

On Saturday, April 6, the singer revealed the voice Performed in front of a crowd of Eurofans in Barcelona. During an a cappella performance of her song, she surprised the audience by singing a few verses in Cervantes. The initiative was greeted with public cheers.

Rebel on the London stage the next day, where Spanish gave way to English.

Important concerts

These appeals to the international public are not without interest. On both of these evenings, Slimane performed in the traditional manner Prior parties; Eurovision is preceded by concerts held across Europe each year during which candidates perform their song in the hope of convincing audiences in neighboring countries to vote on D-Day.

“We went to Croatia in Roy Uno and we’re running a great European campaign,” says Alexandra Red-Amiel, head of the French delegation. Parisian.

“It is necessary to make Slimane known in Europe, because the other countries that can vote for Slimane are not for the French,” he continues.

The 34-year-old singer is currently Ranked 7th Predators. Nemo, a Swiss candidate, is presented to the winner with his title Code.

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