May 27, 2024


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AMATEUR RUGBY: “With English bookmakers, our odds should be huge”, Rhodes Rugby hosts Servian-Baujan in 32nd final first leg

AMATEUR RUGBY: “With English bookmakers, our odds should be huge”, Rhodes Rugby hosts Servian-Baujan in 32nd final first leg

France’s best team in Federal 3 faces a young and ambitious team from Servian-Boujan Rodez, eager to regain its place at the top federal level.

With his chest, he comes to spring with arguments. Servian-Boujan Rugby, after a brief stint in Federal 2, halted by relegation at the end of last season, managed to bounce back and rediscover the taste of success.

In Group 8, Servian-Boujan flew in the discussions, as did Vendres-Lespignan, finishing the regular season with 17 wins and 1 loss. An exceptional record of 82 points, a nationally best first rank.

“Had we been informed at the end of last season, we would have immediately signed up to take first place nationally.”, says Adrian Aguilera, manager of the Herald Club. Going forward, co-chairs Santa and the Club of Montreal “ Hard core with people who have done us good.”As Aguiléra notes.

On Sunday, for the first round of this 32nd final of the Federale 3, Serviano-Boujanois will make the two-hour drive that separates them from Rodez and its Paul-Lignan cave. Third in Group 9, behind Sor Agout and Lèguevin, the Ruthenois are gradually recovering, four years after the dissolution of the State Ruthenois Judiciary.

A complex draw

Now under the name Rodez Rugby, the Aveyron club qualified for the finals for the second consecutive season. Blood and Gold have healed their wounds after losing in the first round against Rivals last season.

“Forgotten these matches, we had only one goal and that was to qualify”, explains Dominique Aloux, who this year became RR chief of staff. However, not all were happy in the north of Aveyron this season as the residents of the Paul-Lignan stadium, which they share with the RAF Ligue 2 players, were in sixth place midway through the season.

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“We’ve had a very inconsistent start to the season and we’ve dragged ourselves away after a setback or two at home…”The technician points out.
Finally finishing third in the group after a very restrained end to the season, Rodez was unvarnished in the rugby draw as it finished second, instead of a second, a fine first place in France. The geographic scale inherent in the first round of the French championship is wrong.

“If they’ve only lost one game all year, it’s because they’re so determined.”

“This is a great team, athletic and dynamic, who can count on a big stadium and great support in Rugby City”Aguiléra, the SBR coach, is wary.“If they have only lost one match all year, it will be interesting to measure themselves because they are very determined.”His Averon counterpart responds knowing he will have to perform well at home from Sunday to be confident of that feat.

“Among English bookmakers, our odds must be enormous”Alex scoffs.
In ten days, after this clash, only one of these two contenders for the ascension will remain.