June 18, 2024


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10 Netflix series to learn English

We thought these were because there is no better way to practice a language than to learn what you really want. 10 series Netflix To learn English You may be interested. They have different level difficulties, pronunciations, contexts, slang, vocabulary, vocabulary …

Once you have chosen your title (depending on your situation), follow this advice: put the verses in French first, And then in the original language Finally provide all assistance. If you forget that you are watching the series in English, your ear will be well trained.

The days go by

One of the attributes of creation From Over the Days Series suitable for beginners, His characters have a Cuban or Hispanic accent, closer to French than English. It is very practical to understand the nuances and differentiate the words from each other, which is great for understanding.

Bojak Horseman

Netflix’s most popular animated series is a good choice for learning English because the characters speak with an accessible American accent, the plot is easy to follow and the vocabulary used is not complicated. Although some Pranks Double meaning Forcing yourself to pay special attention to conversations.

Stranger things

We hope you have already seen it, but now you know it’s one Best Netflix series to learn English, Will look at next season from a different angle. American pronunciation Stranger things Its vocabulary is as easy to understand, but some geeky words and 1980s slang are sure to give you a hard time.

Stranger thingsNetflix

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

This much-loved Netflix comedy will require a certain amount of attention if you look at it to improve your English. Not because the story is complicated, but because of the characters Tend to speak too quickly, use a lot of vocabulary As well as very specific phrases.

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Master of none

One of the greatest qualities Master of none Its protagonists speak like everyday people. A realistic and highly urban series, it deals with the millennial generation with a wide variety of communications, among others. Unlike some, accents are not difficult to understand More slang words.


East OsirkAccording to critics and fansThe most addictive series (with a plot like that) Breaking Bad) Why recommend it on our list? This is because the characters speak with easy-to-understand American accents or other subtleties, using many terms related to politics and crime.

Black glass

Let’s start with one of the biggest challenges in learning English: British pronunciation. Which is what keeps us in the series Black glass At the intermediate level, It offers a good sample of non-English (in first seasons) and most accessible accents for other Americans (in its last season on Netflix). Conversations are simple and vocabulary focuses most on science fiction.