June 22, 2024


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100 years ago, English replaced the French language in Louisiana

Thus, the little Cajuns and other francophones only had a very short time to learn the lesson … Conclusion: A generation following the generation of French-speaking mothers who have been in school since 1921 will not speak it at all.

According to Joseph Dunn, this led to an “identity restructuring”. The integrating school established a national, common identity. An American identity. “This is a question of political and economic power,” the adviser notes.

French language integration in Louisiana

Convictions against Louisiana students ended in the early 1960s, when Carl A. ” Brassox explains. “Their parents underwent this type of treatment and they denied that their children could go on with the same thing.”

The historian speaks knowingly. Both of her parents speak French as their mother tongue, but they never send it to her. “My parents’ generation began to absorb all of these attitudes, gradually developing a very bad self-esteem, a kind of self-esteem.”

The French Renaissance in Louisiana

But in the 1960s, the children and grandchildren of this generation of oppressed cadres followed the approach of resistance. “They are, basically, who will campaign for creation Godopil», Carl A.. Adds Prosox.

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