April 17, 2024


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When the English did not want to use the umbrella invented by a Frenchman.

It sells 10 umbrellas per minute in France. 6,000,000 umbrellas per year. Or Bobbin in slang, named after the 1807 comedy character Monsieur Bob, in which a certain Monsieur Bob had a large umbrella. If the Egyptians already knew the shape of an umbrella, it would have been imagined by the Chinese emperor Wang Mung almost 2000 years ago.

Umbrella from the 1800s © Getty
Photo: ilbusca

It is as retractable as we know it, the umbrella is a French invention. We are indebted to Jean Marius. He even received the honor bestowed on Louis XIV in 1709. Although the French adopted the umbrella very quickly, the English paid more attention. Surprise given the climate across the channel. Wellington forbids his generals from holding umbrellas during war, and I quote him as “contrary to the spirit of the military” after finding him ridiculous. We owe it to the English to superstition, which brings the misfortune of an open umbrella in a home. Since the first pipes are large, it must be said that they can cause damage when opened too close to the trinkets.

The umbrella of the future “air umbrella” of Chinese invention can be found soon. A kind of invisible umbrella because you only see one handle. This handle expels air, thus expelling the drops around you. That said it works with a lithium battery. A rare and polluting lithium. The easiest way is of course to keep the good old stumbling block with its web and ribs. We will see. We didn’t stop the story.

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