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2021 Formula 1 World Champion English or Dutch?

In an interview with the Guardian, Red Bull Racing director Christian Horner believes his team’s rivalry with Mercedes is illustrated by the fierce fight between Verstappen and Hamilton.

Every year, the race starts again in Formula 1: 20 drivers from 10 teams compete in the most beautiful rounds around the world to win the world champion title Holy Grail. In most races, qualifying on Saturday ranks the drivers according to their speed and determines their starting lineup for the next day’s Grand Prix. On Sunday, the final classification of the race allows the top ten drivers to get valuable points added during the season. Although the first 25 points win the jackpot, the reward decreases according to the classification: the third goes to the tenth driver with the content with 15, and 1 point to cross the finish line.

At the end of the season, a driver and a manufacturer won the World Champion title: a coveted award, a symbol of regular competitiveness throughout the year. In 2021, 22 races from March to December will determine the world winners.

2021 Formula 1 World Champion English or Dutch?

This year, suspense is at its peak at the end of the season: the rivalry between the two pilots keeps all amateurs of the motor game in suspense. Lewis Hamilton, seven-time world champion and proven record holder, with fifteen years of experience; His direct rival is a 24-year-old Dutchman with a stomach ache: Max Verstappen. The first competes with the Mercedes-AMG Petronas team, the second Red Bull drives the Honda.

Since it is the first Grand Prix of the season in Bahrain, it is a cat and mouse game between two drivers who share the two highest steps of the makeshift stage. To maintain a clear tension between those with the nickname Super Max and King Louis, the preferred first place is constantly changing owners. Following on from yesterday’s Austin GB, Verstappen is 12 points ahead of his senior: a slight difference if you know the size. This fierce competition leads to controversy, especially when conflicts drive drivers out of the game, as happened in Monza last month. When Hamilton saw that his life was saved by his Mercedes halo, he severely reprimanded the Dutch driver; On the side of the winged bull stable, Christian Horner told the Guardian. Max was disappointed by these comments .

The stake in this championship is enormous for the youngest driver (sometimes, in his first race in Red Bull Racing) to win a British or Formula 1 race, having set a record in the number of podiums and the number of races. However, they are of a different nature. Lewis Hamilton no longer has to prove his prowess as a driver, but has one ultimate goal in mind: he currently holds seven world championship titles, teaming up with the legendary Michael Schumacher. Winning the jackpot for the 2021 season would be like breaking this record and entering the game history in a slightly different way. Despite an impressive record at his young age, Max Verstappen has yet to reach this final distinction: to become a world champion is to enter the biggest arena, a dream for any driver.

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When asked about the match between the two pilots, Christian Horner said: ” I think there will inevitably always be an evolution. Lewis had a wonderful life and he is still in wonderful form. He is still a titan in this game. The fact that Max can face him is something that Lewis has not had in his entire life – certainly during the Championship years. There is no such intensity .

Tough competition between Red Bull and Mercedes

The relentless strategic battle for Formula 1 season teams. The latter must ensure balance between their two drivers and keep their soldiers on stage at the start of each Grand Prix. Mercedes currently has 460.5 points at the interim, about 20 points ahead of its Austrian rival. Although Verstappen is ahead of Hamilton in the individual rankings, the runner-up team has a positive balance with the excellent results of his teammate Walter Potts. In third place in the championship this time, he is 35 points ahead of No. 2 Red Bull driver Sergio Perez.

Mercedes and Red Bull have seen very different improvements in recent seasons. While the former has ruled in Formula 1 since 2014, the latter has seen more complex years. After winning the Constructor and Individual Championship for three consecutive years with the Sebastian cut, the team led by Christian Horner, in particular, faced difficulties leading to poorly anticipated changes in the rules. Competing for the 2021 victory marks his return to real competition: he will have the title of Super Max World Champion. ” The greatest achievement .

The fierce rivalry between the two teams stemmed from the conflicting relationship maintained by the directors of the respective teams, Toto Wolf and Christian Horner. When the latter considers himself a parallel ” Maniac in control “who” She closes her mouth nicely “Interested parties respond by qualifying Britain” Word Mill always wants to be in front of the cameras “As for Christian Horner, he needs to put forward the competence of his rival associated with Mercedes’ success. He told the Guardian journalist that Toto Wolf.” Came to this game with Mercedes in 2013 and the system was already in place. Ross Brown formed this team. Lewis had already signed. Toto did a tremendous job of keeping the team running and maintaining their performance. But of course he knows nothing but success .

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Christian Horner’s hope for the future of Red Bull Racing

During an interview with former racing driver Daniel McGrath, we can feel his deep pride on his star driver Max Verstappen, who joined the Red Bull Racing team at the age of 17. Although he is part of a generation of young pilots, he is the undeniable talent we told you about recently, The performance of the Super Max sets it apart. When a journalist asks him if Dynamic goes from Mercedes to Red Bull, he responds positively without being asked. Christian Horner adds: ” Whatever happens this year, we are building something here. The whole team loves the fact that we are competitors and control our own destiny […] The talent we attract and the young people we invest in push us forward. You can feel the energy while walking around the facility. There is enthusiasm, agility, and an intense desire to succeed .

Nothing has been decided yet for the two competing teams: there are still five races to decide the 2021 champion. The American Grand Prix yesterday confirmed the competitiveness of the Dutch driver, who had a great weekend win: he took the pole position. The first place in the race on Saturday and the next day was awarded the driving degree of the day by the online community. After the test, Lewis Hamilton admitted: ” The team gave it all, and the Red Bull was fast “While Christian Horner and Max Verstappen appear to be optimistic, the Mercedes team is ready to fight to maintain its dominance in the fast-paced game.

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