June 17, 2024


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4 Reasons to Learn English (Seriously)

4 Reasons to Learn English (Seriously)

What is the best exercise to learn English?

Shakespeare’s language is spoken all over the world, it is a reference medium for international communication and its mastery is essential when traveling. If you are not comfortable with English, don’t worry.

First of all, you are not alone in this matter, because many French people suffer from poor quality language teaching. True, how can you speak good English by practicing two hours a week in a class of 35 students?

Second thing, remember it’s never too late to learn! We recommend that you get started in mastering the English language Wall Street English: A Simple but Effective English MethodIt is above all based on your motivation and your will to succeed.

Learn English to travel abroad

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Maybe the first argument for taking the trip Of course learn English. As we have said, English is the international language of exchange, a communication tool that breaks boundaries. When you’re in a foreign non-French-speaking country, you need tips to find yourself, ask for service, or order at a restaurant.

Also, in some parts of the world, the guides only speak English, which can make you miss out on valuable information. Not having this communication device at your disposal can isolate you during your trip and change your experience abroad.

The whole world is turning to this language as international transactions are increasing. And this is a good reason to take or resume English lessons without delay: you love to travel and you want to make the most of your travels!

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Learn English to get professional opportunities

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Today, it is no secret that speaking English opens many doors at the professional level. Or, not speaking English means missing out on many opportunities. If you want to take a step forward in your career or consider retraining that requires mastery of Shakespeare’s language, now is the time to start practicing English! If you have acquired skills in this language, you will be happy to show it on your CV and will appreciate this quality during your future interviews.

On a daily basis, mastering professional English will change your life: you will no longer have difficulty writing emails in English, you will be able to easily communicate with English-speaking clients and partners. Mastering English in the business world definitely increases the attractiveness of your profile, especially when you learn that once you start working life: your motivation and your determination to achieve this goal in your life are generally well felt in the professional environment.

Take English lessons to open up to the world

English lessons

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When you travel, mastering English takes on a practical aspect, but not only. English is a language of exchange, open to others. For example, if you travel to the United Kingdom or South Africa, you can easily meet new people, especially native speakers. Thus, you can immerse yourself in the local culture without breaks. This exchange language will help you break down some barriers and offer other travel experiences.

Learn English to better appreciate English content

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Living in a French-speaking country, we are exposed to the English language on a daily basis. Music, movies, series, podcasts, magazines…: For decades, Anglo-Saxon culture, especially in terms of cinema and music, has flooded Europe.

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In France, it is common to watch films in the dubbed French version, relying on subtitles and not the original version. A dubbing, however good, cannot do justice to an actor’s performance. Familiarity with English doesn’t help either. Watching your movies and series in the original version while taking an English lesson is a great way to boost your progress while having fun!

Same with music: Humming tunes frustrated by not understanding the lyrics? By speaking Shakespeare’s language, your understanding of the world around you will be much better. You can easily watch untranslated videos on social networks or start listening to podcasts in English, a sign that you have really reached a milestone!

If you recognize a little bit of yourself in this article, it’s time for you to learn English! Your travel, professional and daily life experiences will be transformed. You will be satisfied with breaking many locks. We told you, it’s never too late, especially with the Wall Street English method! Soon, “Do you speak English?” to the question of ยป, instead of a fearful “no”, you will confirm that you are armed with a big smile: “Yes, of course!”. By placing the tonic accent in the right place, of course!