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6 Countries 2022. Eto’o’s unspoken mistake in England attempt angered Wales

6 Countries 2022. Eto’o’s unspoken mistake in England attempt angered Wales

Alex Dombrand’s English attempt was tarnished by Moro Edoji’s touchline file, but it was not viewed / reported … (© Screenshot France 2)

The naughty laugh of Maro Idoje Captured by the perception of competition England-Wales (23-19) Then Article by Alex Dombrand Said a lot. If he is recognized for his incredible performance, the English second tier also has a small supporting role, and it hit a mark against League XV. Decisive action.

Wales, returning from the locker room, is under 10m pressure from their target and must negotiate a subtle touch. Elias bowled, but surprisingly pushed his jumper, and Dombrand, down the line, inherited the ball and scored the only attempt for XV de la Rose. Realizing they have been deceived and believing it to be wrong, Elias and Beard go to the referee and check the action on video. This was denied by Mike Adamson.

Etoji’s elbow on beard

If the first images did not reveal anything, many angles were revealed later A clear and obvious mistake made by Maro Edoje in Adam Beard, Welsh jumper. As the latter speed increased, the Englishman waved the Welsh second line lightly with his right hand, preventing him from jumping right to collect the ball.

An unauthorized activity was widely commented on on social media by Welsh supporters, and how could TMO not report this incident. Some remember that Wales had already been injured by the arbitral tribunal against England in 2018 but – although valid – refused to answer Unscomb.

Pivac: “Really violates the rules of the game”

Welsh coach at post-match press conference Wayne BewickHaving trouble swallowing the pill, especially after a 4 point failure, may turn out to be a success if this attempt is invalid.

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“We’re really disappointed. I think if the referee had taken the time to review what happened on the lineout, I would not have got the try. The beard collided, which is not possible. Are.

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