June 17, 2024


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Le Festin, a summer novel with a generally English charm

We meet a wealthy couple who are on the verge of marriage collapse, a terrifying canonist and his frightened daughter, a greedy and disgusting old woman, a socialist with a defamatory life and his gigolo secretary, a lord in poor health. , Creating children. A mess is impossible, this little world is monitored by staff and hotel owners, and they never leave.

Only here: The hotel is located on the verge of collapsing following an earthquake damage under a steep cliff, which no one still knows. But who will be on the list of victims?

What is special about this novel is that the author wanted to write a book in which the main characters cover one of the seven deadly sins of greed, covetousness, lust, laziness, pride, and anger. The gluttony was reduced to this swallowing hunger by the still-imposed shortages and ration tickets for all classes after World War II.

In the post-war years that English society has gone through a week of short plays and every mystery are woven around themes such as divorce, inability to have children, the failure of marriage or the class struggle.

One Page turner A delightfully sad comedy with perfect integration British It will keep you hooked all the time!

Jacqueline Olivier, Ferd from north of Reims

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