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Our top 10 cities to learn English.

Our top 10 cities to learn English.

Learn English in Sydney

It may be 2024, but learning English is still not easy for the French. Still, speaking the language of William Shakespeare is so important in globalization that it is not too difficult to access. If you are not a fan of online or face-to-face courses, we strongly recommend moving to one of the most attractive cities to master English. Here are our top 10 cities to learn English.

Learn English: Vancouver the green city (10th place)

Canada, it’s a very good place to live and a country where many French people gather. This vast country is full of fascinating cities. Vancouver is one of them.

The Green City very early started its “Environmental Protection” orientation. It implemented electric public transportation over the years and built hundreds of kilometers of cycle paths… One of the most impressive measures introduced by Vancouver is supporting local manufacturing to drastically reduce the importation of goods by boat or plane.

Among the city’s must-sees, you should definitely check out Gastown District, Yaletown District or the excellent Stanley Park.

Calgary: An Olympic Sports Sensation (9th Place)

Most of you movie buffs will remember Calgary for Rasta Rocket, a sports comedy inspired by the journey of the first Jamaican bobsled team.

The city, thankfully, isn’t just about a movie or hosting the Winter Olympics in 1988. Calgary is located in the province of Alberta. Calgary Tower is a hotspot. You benefit from an exceptional view of the Canadian Rockies or downtown. A glass floor is an undeniable asset.

Other places give this unique city its character. For example, Prince Island Park (in the middle of Bow Island). A unique and very pleasant haven for families and lovers of greenery.

Learn English in Calgary
Learn English in Calgary

Los Angeles and New York: the epitome of American cinema? (8th and 7th place)

America is a popular destination for anyone who wants to learn English. Obviously, this would be American English, which has its share of different expressions…

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Los Angeles is a unique city at the center of the world’s leading economic power. Its cosmopolitanism makes it one of the most open cities to people from around the world. If we take into account its pleasant climate, it is the place of choice for those who resist winter. Incredible beaches like Venice Beach are regularly used for movie sets (hello “Barbie”…).

One of the most populous cities in the United States is full of exceptional attractions. Culture lovers will appreciate its magnificent theaters and its art galleries that are real landmarks.

Not to forget New York, the economic capital of America. A city revered in the four corners of the world for its diverse qualities. It is also a symbol of success with the diversity of its neighborhoods, its grandeur characterized by its skyscrapers… several thousand businesses and the high incomes of its families.

In our top 10 cities to learn English, we have two real gems.

London: Well… we put the English capital at number 6.

For those of you who are more skeptical, this sixth place may not make sense. It is true that if you want to learn English in a more general form, London is definitely a preferred destination.

A city with a particularly rich historical past. London has long played an important role in the world. It shines on many levels with its numerous galleries, its museums (Victoria, National Gallery, British Museum, etc.), its monuments (Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, etc.).

If you’re visiting London, this is your chance to get up close and personal with one of the world’s most famous royal families, taste international cuisine and attend incredible concerts such as Wicket.

Its sixth place in the top 10 cities to learn English can be explained by its rainy climate or high cost of living. If you can’t stand Parisian, Normandy or Breton weather… you’ll have a hard time getting along with London.

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Brisbane: What if Australia was a better place? (5th Place)

Brisbane is a city that benefits from a beautiful climate all year round. A real treat for anyone who wants to go there with their family or friends. You should already know that you can swim all year round as the water temperature does not go below 21 degrees. It is also a favorite destination for surfing enthusiasts.

Here are the neighborhoods we recommend when you visit the Queensland capital South Brisbane, New Farm, Milton, West End or Towong..

Canada Learn English: Ottawa and Toronto (4th and 3rd)

Yes, we at JustFocus are particularly fond of Canada. A pleasant mood, an incredible amount of national parks, these are some of the assets of a unique country in the world.

At the beginning of this article we talked about Vancouver and Calgary. Now to Ottawa and Toronto. The Canadian capital is not left out compared to other cities in this ranking. It’s true that we could easily head for Quebec or Montreal or Toronto… but in the ranking of places to learn English, we shouldn’t forget Ottawa. The city is home to art and diverse cultures.

Highlights include the Canadian Museum of Civilization and the historic Byward Market. It also has the world’s largest ice rink.

Gadino Park is an opportunity to explore flora and fauna. 361 km2 of wild nature takes you away from it all.

Cultural enthusiasts are not affected. A number of festivals are held every year, such as the Jazz Festival, which is a must annual event for all those who love this unique record of music.

Toronto in all this?

Learn English in Toronto
Learn English in Toronto

The most multicultural city in the world according to the United Nations. A title that explains its choice place in our top 10. More than 110 languages ​​are spoken in this city.

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It is one of the most populous cities in North America. The French group is substantial. On the other hand, Toronto (located in the province of Ontario) is an expensive city and you will need to keep a significant budget if you want to settle there.

Like other Canadian cities, it also hosts various national and international festivals, such as the Toronto Caribbean Carnival.

Singapore: An eco-sustainable city on our platform at number two

Singapore is a diverse city. According to Mark Abenzer, it stands out from the rest Its integration among its different aspects. Quality of life with lush vegetation, plenty of green space..

The world’s first garden city was not without quality. It has considerable assets either through its political stability or its international trade.

Our No. 1 Sydney..

Our top 10 cities to learn English have come to an end. We return to Australia, this time stopping in Sydney.

A famous city known all over the world. Who has not seen a film of his famous opera? Its dynamism, its climate and its beaches are part of this beauty.

It is one of the most beautiful natural sites in the world. What about Australians and their hospitality? Well, you will see a marked difference with Paris because you will not be examined from head to toe. They are stress free and enjoy every moment to the fullest.

Sydney is a unique city that hides its jewels such as its harbor, Manly Ferry and its remarkable beaches.

This top is incomplete but we are curious to know your top.

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