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British musicians boycott festivals sponsored by Barclays Bank in support of Palestine

British musicians boycott festivals sponsored by Barclays Bank in support of Palestine

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In Brighton, the Great Escape festival, which brings together more than five hundred artists, is suffering from a number of shortcomings. At issue is its sponsorship of a bank accused of investing in Israeli arms.

“As artists, our music is for sale, but not our humanity or our moral sense.” Mass Attack has added its voice to the call to boycott the Great Escape music festival by signing An open letter Condemning the demonstration against the backdrop of the dispute over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The event has been taking place over four days in Brighton since 2006 and brings together over five hundred artists from the UK and other parts of the world each year. Call participants were missing from this year’s participants. All condemn Barclays Bank’s financial support for the protest Investing in arms companies in Israelreports Guardian .

Ahead of the start of the festival on Tuesday 14 May, more than a hundred artists had already canceled their performances at the invitation of the Boycott Barclays group. Among the missed appointments were Javis Cocker, British singer and radio presenter; The event has disappeared from the official Great Escape website. Alfie Templeman, who was scheduled to perform, explains that it was his “Moral Sense” Not compatible with etc “The Combination of Mirrors and Human Suffering”.

A spokesperson for the boycott movement said: “Barclays is funding the genocide against Palestinians in Gaza and then washing its reputation by associating itself with music festivals like the Great Escape. As musicians we find that abhorrent.

For its part, Barclays management is protecting itself by making sure it doesn’t either “shareholder” No “Investor” Condemned in institutions. The bank has also planned “A question and answer session at the company’s annual general meeting on its relations with Israeli arms companies“, reports Guardian.