May 21, 2024


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A whole week in English at Costa Belle Primary School

A whole week in English at Costa Belle Primary School

Costa Belle Primary School vibrates to the rhythm of linguistic diversity, enthusiastically celebrating National Languages ​​Week from March 18 to 22. Since 2022, the school has been in the EMIL system (teaching a subject integrated with a foreign language), keeping English at the center of its activities, and this year, too, was a special occasion.

A true linguistic immersion

Under this theme of Shakespeare's language, students were immersed in a week full of discovery and learning. Cooking workshops, science experiments, sports activities and songs punctuated the days of primary school students. It was a true celebration of the English language, where every activity was a fun and enriching learning opportunity.

The entire teaching staff of the school was at the center of the week, mobilizing their talents and creativity to bring English to life to complement modern language lessons. Their dedication and commitment allowed nearly 100 students to discover linguistic diversity in a concrete and meaningful way.

The CE1-CE2 teacher, Christofer Guers-Le Guen, conducted a science demonstration where students became the actors of the session, entirely in English, from a real experiment to a science written trail. Her students marveled at the possibilities of cooking, exploring the world of science, singing and playing in English.

Elliott, a second grader, exclaimed: “It's crazy to be able to cook in English!”Loris at CE2 shared his future aspirations: “When I grow up, I'll be a scientist in England!” These testimonies reveal the profound impact this week can have on students' aspirations, opening doors to international life and sparking their curiosity about the world around them.

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