May 20, 2024


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English read, speak and certificate

English read, speak and certificate

More than 200 candidates for Cambridge exams last week pledged to make English an asset in their academic careers at the end of the Certificate.

201 candidates (CM2 to III) attended the private Sainte-Marie de Chartres College last week to sit for the Cambridge examination.

This certificate verifies each participant's level in English and opens up career opportunities for students, especially Parcoursup and the Erasmus program.

“Support, reassure and share these emotions”

Students registered for six different exams. According to their prior knowledge, they choose the most suitable scale for them.

They are then assessed on four skills: written and oral comprehension, written and oral expression. Preparation for these exams requires an additional hour of lessons per week for a year.

Satisfied with their oral exams, two candidates, Theo and Leon, express their “relief” at the end of their tests.

Mazarin, a third-grader, wants to work as an English teacher. She has been facing the exam for four years: “I have been taking the exam every year since class six. This year I took the P1 exam. I think I won. »

Many students use this Cambridge certificate to benchmark their English on the Parcoursup post-baccalaureate assignment platform.

Students then interact with St. Mary's College management and a Cambridge English teacher to explain the tests and share their feelings. “These are powerful moments we experience with our students. Support them before writing, reassure them during orals, listen to their story, share these emotions, and build strong bonds over the years,” recalls the institution's academic team.

An examiner from the Examination Center, which has been examining Chartres College for three years, highlighted the academic contribution of the examination and praised the organization and quality of students at Saint-Marie. Primary school came to participate in these sessions.

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